15 Frequent Behaviors That Only Bad Neighbors Are Guilty Of 

Neighbors can be an asset to your everyday life if you treat them respectfully and kindly, and they reciprocate. However, if you are the one your neighbors appear to be talking behind your back, you might be the problem. From stealing to being nosy, here are clear signs that you are the bad guy (or girl) in your community. 

Loud and proud 

From throwing all-night parties to DIY projects at all hours, your disregard for your neighbors knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter if the music is blasting or your drill is moving the building as long as you are having fun. If the neighbors call the police on you, they will only irritate you but will not stop you from doing whatever you feel like doing. 

It’s a dog-eat-dog world 

Letting your dog do its business on someone else’s lawn is bad, but even worse, not cleaning up after them might make you the least popular person in the neighborhood. Extra points if you let your dog run around, scaring other people’s pets or children, all while leaving a trail. The saddest part is that the neighbors will likely yell at your dog because they know that telling you off is useless. 

Food thief 

Some neighbors firmly believe that if they spot someone’s takeout, they should be the ones eating it. Though it was once a mystery what happened to one’s food delivery, many apps now take pictures, so if you are a food thief, you will get called out. And be sure that the neighbor whose food you ate will tell others. 

Gossip Girl here

Do you have a habit of spreading confidential information to your neighborhood? Say someone confided in you because you had trustworthy eyes, but it was too juicy not to share. Eventually, the shared secrets will return to the original owner, and you will be blasted as the neighborhood’s biggest gossip. That will not earn you any popularity points, but at least you gave your neighbors a new topic to discuss. 

Precious garbage 

Your old, rusty vehicle in the front yard or half-finished and abandoned projects are no one’s business, but they are an eyesore for the whole community. Though it is your yard, there are specific community rules, and if you don’t follow them, you can get fined or even bring down the property value in your neighborhood. 

Prying eye  

Sometimes, our neighbors might get into an argument, and we might overhear things. Most people will look the other way. However, if you are a nosy person, you might feel the urge to ask your neighbors what the argument was about and even share whatever you overheard with others. Unless there is actual shouting, and you fear for someone’s safety, wouldn’t it be better to let people resolve their issues without your prying eye or ear? 

Let’s get political 

In this already divided age, adding fuel to the fire would be overflowing your yard with signs and flags that align with your party of choice. Wearing your MAGA hat or proudly displaying a “vote blue” bumper car sticker is plenty enough. Remember that politicians come and go, but your neighbors can save you from a fire or intruders or help you when you’re out of sugar. 

Excessive decorating 

Your holiday decorations can be a safety hazard, and despite your opinions, not everyone will be a fan. While there are no laws regarding the amount of decorations, if your yard can be seen from space, your neighbors could contact the homeowners association, and if the police get involved, you might get fined. It is about uniformity and aesthetics, but even more so, about safety. 

Secret Garden 

Most people hate lawn moaning, but that’s the cost of having a yard. Perhaps you enjoy the wild nature and pests that will only multiply, but your neighbors certainly won’t. Your yard is an eyesore and a nuisance, so at least do your bare minimum to keep it decent-looking. 

Parking headache 

Parking in someone else’s driveway because you found that spot more convenient will not go well. Parking while blocking someone will make you even less popular. Your car could get towed, but even worse, the word will spread around, so if you need to borrow something or need help from your neighbors, keep driving. 

Collecting strays 

Having your pet sneaking into other people’s gardens is a terrible idea, but what’s even worse is feeding strays all the time because they will leave fecal matter and urine around the neighborhood. Your heart might be in the right place, but if you cannot care for an animal so it won’t disturb others, you are risking the animal’s life. 

Kids are alright 

You may think your children are energetic and full of life, but if they are running around other people’s yards, that is trespassing. And if they are shouting and screaming, you will not win the Neighbor of the Year award. Some parents allow children to do whatever they want because kids will be kids. That’s not good enough because they could disrupt people who work from home, want to nap, or simply want peace. 

Lighten up 

If you are a smoker, you probably heard of the dangers of secondhand smoking, and so did those near you. Homeowners can take action against cigarette-smoking neighbors, including lawsuits over a private nuisance. Before you light up another cigarette, you better check if your smoke is not entering someone else’s lungs.  

Catching up 

Sometimes, people fail to read the room. If your neighbor is in a hurry or simply does not feel like chit-chatting, let them be and find another victim. According to the InMyArea survey, people are more irritated with neighbors who pull them into vapid conversations than those who damage their property. 

That’s just trashy 

Among the most annoying habits in US neighborhoods are leaving trash cans out and letting the same garbage overflow. It produces a nasty smell, looks disgusting, and says a lot about you, not only as a neighbor but as an adult. According to the InMyArea survey, one in 10 Americans moved to escape their neighbors, and if you are guilty of some of these behaviors, someone likely moved because of you. Talk about a sign of being a lousy neighbor! 

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