15 Things That Need To Be Invented Right Now

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In the age of technology, AI, and previously unimaginable scientific achievements, some innovations are more important to humans than others. Some will be included in our everyday lives, others deal with health, and there are those that will help us understand the world better. Here is a list of 15 things we need to invent, and if some are not possible, we will gladly accept something in between. 

Animal-human language translator 

“If animals could speak, mankind would weep,” said Anthony Douglas Williams. While this could be true, speaking to animals could help us save them and their natural habitats. But there’s more. Imagine being able to talk to your dog or any other pet. People would never feel lonely again, giving us a new appreciation for life and Earth.  

Trauma eraser 

In the past decade, numerous researchers have been trying to find an instant trauma cure. Imagine your memory as a storage cabinet. Some things are useless, some bring you joy, and some are disturbing to the point of interrupting your life. Traumas we endure often lead to severe mental health issues and addictions, and erasing them would undoubtedly make a positive impact on global society. 

Teeth health pills 

Dental care is not only expensive, but it is painful and frightening, and yet bad teeth can affect your whole body. Even if it comes with a price, a pill that fixes all teeth problems will be worth every penny because it will save us from sitting in that dentist’s chair for hours without our mouths stretched beyond the maximum and various buzzing sounds that are scarier than doomsday. 

Lost item detector 

There is an app for everything, yet people waste too much time looking for something as simple as their keys. Numerous AI inventions will help us find lost items soon, but we cannot rely on apps since we often lose our phones, so it needs to be something we cannot misplace. 

High heels that feel like sneakers 

Walking in high heels is a painful art that can also be a health hazard. That’s why we need heels that will accentuate our legs without all the hassle that comes with wearing heels all day long. Speaking of heels, there should be some masculine-looking heels for men. 

Heartbreak heeler 

Imagine breaking up with someone you love and being able to take away the pain with an app, a pill, or something yet to be discovered. You get to keep the warm and fuzzy feelings you once had while not enduring the excruciating pain of betrayal, loneliness, and broken dreams. 

Safety mind reader 

This complex device would only read the minds of those with ill intentions. It would prevent abusers, assaulters, and killers from committing crimes by revealing their plans to everyone around them. A full-on mind reader would be impractical, but if there is a way to prevent sociopaths or psychopaths from walking freely, this could be one way to do it. 

Sunscreen pill

Sunscreen creams and oils are messy and must be reapplied constantly. What if there was a pill that you took once a year or per month, and you didn’t have to think about all the damage that the sun does to your skin? This pill would prevent skin cancer and save us from premature aging and nasty stains on our clothes. 

One medication to cure all diseases

A pill that would take away cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, dubbed the  “magic bullet,” is not something straight out of an SF movie. Scientists have been working on polypill for over two decades. These pills will likely be related to specific diseases, with cancer vaccines approaching new phases in current studies. 

A machine that folds clothes

We have watching machines and dryers. What’s left is a machine that will neatly fold our clothes and preferably assort them by color or style. Ironing is time-consuming and exhausting, but folding is even more mind-numbing. That’s why people are keen to get their hands on a folding machine.  


The bad news is that Star Trek-style teleportation is still science fiction. However, virtual and quantum teleportation are possible, and NASA already holoported flight surgeon Josef Schmid in 2021. Will any of this help you avoid traffic altogether or whisk you away to the Bahamas in a heartbeat? Nope, and it is uncertain if it will ever be possible. 

Flying cars

Since teleportation is out of the question, flying cars could save us from traffic and improve our lives. The first flying car has been officially approved for testing and will be ready for takeoff in late 2025. As expected, they will be extremely pricey—$190,000 to $260,000—so we will likely have to wait a bit longer for the Fifth Element space traffic scenes.  

Replacing organs 

Growing organoids from pluripotent stem cells is showing promising signs. Thanks to 3D printers, they will likely be available in a decade. However, bioprinting still has a long road ahead, though once it becomes available, it will not be as pricey as one might think compared to transplant costs. 


A former Google engineer, Ray Kurzweil, has predicted that humans will achieve immortality by 2030, and theoretically, it is possible. However, even if we don’t get to live forever, whatever that means, there are scientific advancements that will likely expand our lifespan. 

Space travels for everyone 

Humans have been going to space for decades, but imagine how great it would be if it were affordable for everyone. Instead of jetting off to some Greek island for your honeymoon, you could experience space! The wealthiest ones are already booking short trips, but they cost from $250,000 to $500,000. An affordable trip to space could help people expand their horizons and give new meaning to life. 

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