27 Habits That Show Baby Boomers are Living in a Different Era

In today’s digital-dominated world, there’s a group that still holds the tangible and traditional close to their hearts. Baby Boomers, growing up post-war, still cling to 27 habits that seem almost alien to younger generations. 

Writing Checks

Plenty of Boomers are still penning checks, cherishing the paper trail and the personal touch it adds.

Cash Over Cards

Boomers dig cash transactions for their simplicity and the real sense of spending it gives them.”

Printed Press

Boomers savor their morning paper, finding it more engaging and thorough than scrolling online.

Sweeping with a Broom

Some boomers still find a broom’s straightforward sweep more satisfying and effective than a vacuum’s hum.


Whether it’s stamps, coins, or antiques, collecting is a hobby that many Boomers continue to enjoy, cherishing the history and stories behind each item.

Using Flip Phones

While the rest of the world seems to be racing towards the latest smartphone, a significant number of Baby Boomers are perfectly content with their flip phones.

Using Physical Maps

GPS technology has made navigation a breeze, but for boomers, there’s a certain romance to unfolding a large, paper map. 

Refusing to Use Self-checkout

Self-checkout lanes might as well be alien technology for some Boomers. They prefer the personal touch of a human cashier, even if it means waiting in line a bit longer.

Hanging Onto Landlines

Boomers stick to landlines for the crystal-clear calls and trusty service, especially when cell signals dip.

Using Travel Agents

While online booking is convenient, some Boomers prefer the personalized service and expertise of a travel agent.

Taking Notes with Pen and Paper

While younger folks type away on laptops and tablets, Boomers are often seen jotting down notes the old-fashioned way. 

Using Encyclopedias for Research

Google? Never heard of her, might be the jesting reply of some Boomers. They value the depth and reliability of information found in physical encyclopedias—a far cry from the quick searches performed by younger folks.

Watching Movies on DVD

Streaming’s all the rage, but plenty of Boomers love flipping through their DVD collections for that hands-on thrill and bonus features.

Saving Newspaper Clippings

From recipes to obituaries, Boomers love saving newspaper clippings, treasuring them as more than info, but as cherished mementos and handy references.

Preferring Over E-readers

Many Boomers argue that the feel of a book in hand, the sound of pages turning, and the unique smell of print are unmatched. Sure, e-readers are practical, but they can’t replicate the sensory experience of a real book.

Trusting Snail Mail Over Email

For crucial papers or meaningful notes, loads of Boomers go postal, swearing by the physical touch of sending and getting mail that emails just can’t match.

Sending Faxes

Fax machines remain their go-to for document nding, cherished for their blend of simplicity and perceived security.

Collecting CDs and Vinyl Records

For Baby Boomers, music isn’t just something you stream; it’s something you collect. CDs and vinyl records hold a special place in their hearts, offering both superior sound quality and a physical connection to the music.

Taxi Over Uber

Baby Boomers prefer hailing taxis the old-fashioned way, finding comfort and simplicity in the familiar yellow cab.

Bank Visits

Boomers are bank-goers who favor in-person chats over clicks, valuing real-life service and paper records.

AM/FM Radio

Streaming’s cool, but Boomers love tuning into the classic vibes of AM/FM radio for local flair.

Manual Records

Boomers keep it real with manual records, valuing the feel of paper and the trust in penning it down.

Capturing Moments on Film

Boomers relish the wait and wonder of film photography, finding beauty in its authenticity and craft.”

Watching Cable TV

Cable’s the choice for many Boomers, who love the ease of flipping channels and the comfort of familiar shows.

Greeting Cards in Envelopes

Nothing beats a mailed card for Boomers, who treasure the personal touch in every written word.

Cooking from Memory

Boomers cook with heart, using cherished family recipes over online guides, keeping traditions alive.

Using a Rolodex for Contact Information

Boomers keep contacts classic with a Rolodex, appreciating the flip-through simplicity and tangible connection.

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