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Are you a money prude?


Some people say I’m cheap, yes it’s true.  You know what I say to those people?  I’d love to tell you but this is family-friendly blog so I’ll just follow my friend Lyanne’s advice and not say anything because I don’t have anything nice to say.  Moving on.  When people say I’m cheap I usually think to myself “Well you’re careless” because the opposite of being a money prude, hhhmmm how do I say this nicely, the opposite of being a money prude is being too loose with your money.

Everyone talks about money, don’t they?

I personally talk about money all the time, but that’s because I’m a financial planner and all my friends work in banking.  We talk about money all the time, everything from our vacations to our dinner, but I understand we are the exception.  Whenever I talk about money with people who don’t work in banking they always look at me like I’m crazy.  Why is it that people are so afraid to talk about money?

Why don’t people talk about money?

I think it’s partially because people are sensitive when it comes to money; that doesn’t make them a prude it just makes them private… and a little bit cautious.  Not wanting to talk about money because it’s taboo makes you a prude, not talking about your money because you’re shy is completely different.

I think people don’t talk about money for a variety of reasons.  Actually let me rephrase that, there are 3 types of people who talk about their money:

People who brag about what they’ve got.  I find a lot of people who talk about how much money they earn or how much their net is worth are kind of bragging – well at least in finance anyways.  Every time I get in the elevator there is always some corporate douche bag talking about how much his suit cost or how much he paid for his car.  That is totally unnecessary in public – it seems like more of a private conversation. Talking about how much money you have also alienates everyone else who doesn’t have that much from the conversation and that’s just mean.

Those who show off with how much they spend.  I don’t spend $1000 nights at a club and I don’t have $5000 shopping sprees so I can’t talk about it.  I hate listening to people who talk about how much they spend because I can’t focus on the conversation.  When someone tells me they just spent $500 on one pair of shoes all I can think about is all the other things I would rather do with $500 than buy a pair of shoes.

People who don’t make their own money.  I personally don’t have someone who takes care of me so I don’t brag about everything my boyfriend buys me.  BF and I both have full time jobs – sometimes we spend money separately and sometimes we spend money together.  I hate people who brag about all the things other people buy for them.  I mean why do people think that’s an accomplishment? Not being able to take care of yourself or taking advantage of someone else is nothing to be proud of.  I admit it might be nice to have a boyfriend who takes care of me and pays my rent, but then what kind of girl would I be?

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