Core American Values at Stake: From Free Speech to Equality and Patriotism

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The True Meaning of Patriotism

Patriotism is about loving and being devoted to the country as a whole, especially to its people. It does not involve following one party’s ideology or supporting any extremism because these behaviors only deepen division within a country.

The sense of unity, belonging, and pride goes beyond religion, race, creed, or politics. It is about making peace with history and looking into a brighter future while appreciating where you, as a collective, stand today. American history is not always pretty, but how can you avoid future mistakes if you don’t know it? Furthermore, if you don’t respect it, how can you fully experience genuine patriotism?

Freedom of Speech

With social media and clear division in society, many Americans are confused about one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle we know as American democracy.

Freedom of speech means that every person has the right to express themselves, indulge in a healthy debate, and enjoy the liberty all this brings. But cancel culture, political landscape, social media bans, and hate speech are a clear threat to democracy and, therefore, to the freedom of speech.

The unhealthy, often dangerous misrepresentation of freedom of speech often leads people to think they must hold the same positions as the rest. This not only destroys individuality but, even worse, it does not help one grow. On the other hand, hate speech is on the rise, and with that comes explicit threats against those who dare to voice their opinions or those who dare to be different.

Voltaire said, “I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it.” That is the core of the freedom of speech, and it goes against cancel culture, bans, and hate speech.

Religious Freedoms

The US had a unique view of religious diversity, where every faith was equal. However, that is changing dramatically, and there is no way of stopping it. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the rise of hate crimes and how specific religions are being targeted every day.

Perhaps it started with the Muslim ban during Trump’s presidency, but it is more likely that this ban only made things more transparent. The United States does not have an official religion; the church and state are clearly separated, and we should be grateful for it.

Religious freedom was a clean state for the country, and the Founding Fathers realized it. It is up to us to respect it and learn from other cultures and beliefs while celebrating the unique diversity that made America.


Although the US is relatively young, it gave birth to many progressive ideas, especially in the XX century. The US expanded the views of the Founders while keeping their core values.

Today, all Americans, regardless of religious views, gender, sexual orientation, skin color, or political affiliation, should be free to pursue happiness and enjoy freedom. However, the division is evident in everyday life, where you still have LGBTQ members fighting for fundamental human rights, and women are being paid less than men.

The land of equal opportunities has to uphold high equality standards because Americans are the leaders of the free world. That’s why this is so important yet so fragile.

The Right to Privacy

Many before us had the right to speak up, and they also had the right to protect their private lives. But, thanks to social media, we willingly give away our information and our lives to the world.

The price of technology is a lack of genuine privacy. This does not mean that you should reject smartphones or smart TVs. It also does not mean that companies collecting your data are doing something illegal because that’s not the case. Instead, we should all be more vigilant about what we share, including pictures of our family members, especially children, and our interactions on social media.


In the past years, diversity went from being celebrated to often being confused with something sinister. The great American dreams were founded on, among other things, cultural and ethnic diversity.

Instead of celebrating that our children get to grow up learning more, exploring cultures, and learning from others who are the same as them but slightly different, we are trying to squash this concept. Diversity includes loving your family despite political disagreements, giving the same respect to hard-working people regardless of their skin color, and respecting fellow Americans regardless of where they came from.

All that summarizes what the US could be if these core values do not vanish, and we get left with nothing but division and hate.

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