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Friday Faves: Decorating my apartment


Happy Friday!  This is a big weekend for BF and I.  Today we’re going shopping for home decor.  As you may remember we moved into a gorgeous new apartment last October.  Since we spent quite a bit of money on moving, new bedroom furniture, a new sofa and other home essentials we decided to wait until spring to decorate.

Well spring is here and we’re ready to add some color into our home.  After months of searching websites and looking through Pinterest we finally decided on the colour pallet for our new apartment.  Our bedroom will be navy blue and white and our living room will be earth tones of brown and green with pops of red and yellow.  I’m really excited to see how it all turns out.

We have a budget of $500 to spend and here’s everything we need to buy:

Pillows.  Our couch is a sectional and although it’s super comfy it’s all brown.  It’s a light mocha shade of brown which offsets the dark hard wood floors very nicely.  We paid $1500 for it and don’t use it very much.  Some pillows (actually a lot of pillows) will add some color and comfort to our  new sofa.

Pictures.  When we decided to move last July I started buying pictures for our new apartment.  I have an autographed picture of the original cast of the movie Jaws that I’ve been waiting to display.  We never had space for decor in our old apartment, but now we do.

Art. I want to buy a big piece of canvas art for our bedroom.  We have 14 foot ceilings so right now our walls are looking a little bit bare.  A nice big piece of art will look lovely in our bedroom.

Rugs.  With an exposed brick wall (which I love) and hardwood floors our apartment can get cold in the winter.  A nice big area rug in the living room with center out the space, add some color and keep our feet warm.

New bedding.  When we bought a new bed we upgraded to a king size.  We bought new sheet sets, but we didn’t find a bed spread cover that we liked.  Hopefully we’ll have better luck this weekend because right now we’re each sleeping under separate covers.

Can we get all that for $500?

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