Heinz Unveils New Recyclable Ketchup Bottle That Could Set Fresh Packaging Standards

After years of research, 185,000 product development hours, and $1.2 million, Heinz presented a new ketchup bottle that will likely set fresh packaging standards. The result is the world’s first 100% recyclable bottle, with the new cap made of only one easy-to-recycle material. 

The new cap vs. the old one 

The old cap used a silicone valve, which was difficult to recycle. The new one, made of mono-material polypropene (PP), can be processed by any facility that processes plastic. 

The new cap has the potential to be used on various other products, including shampoos and toothpaste. 

Matthias Hammersen, sales director of Heinz, shared the excitement, “We’re delighted that the finished result exceeds our initial expectations and actually improves the consumer experience.”

Apart from using 100% recyclable caps, Heinz aims to reduce its global use of “virgin” plastic by 20%, resulting in over 100 million pounds less of the material by 2030.

The design won Rigid Pack of the Year for Kraft Heinz at the 2023 U.K. Packaging Awards.

Beyond the design 

Berry Global, who designed the new Heintz ketchup bottle, shared, “Heinz set us the kind of challenge that suits us and our development departments best: to reconstruct the design of the cap to make it 100% recyclable, without affecting the performance that millions of consumers know and love.” 

But, there are additional reasons to support the company’s efforts. The new cap is 100 percent environmentally friendly and utilizes ketchup’s properties. When ketchup is squeezed out of the bottle, it passes through a complex system of channels before reaching the nozzle outlet. Ketchup is a sheer-thinning fluid, making it less dense when under strain. As it passes through the intricate channels, it becomes less dense and more likely to flow out at a predictable rate rather than in thick spurts.

For the future 

Rashida La Lande from The Kraft Heinz Company stated, “We can’t continue to do things as we have in the past.” The company’s Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer added that the company is investing in “innovative technologies and partnerships” to redesign packaging to “eliminate unnecessary plastic” and increase the use of recycled plastic. The brand is also focused on influencing others to adopt new models. 

That’s why Heinz’s recyclable cap is an innovation, a statement, a new standard, and a demonstration of the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. It is a blueprint for the packaging industry. 

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