Hospice Nurse Says There Is One Common Thing Nearly Everybody Sees Before They Die

The Los Angeles-based nurse who has been working in hospice care for more than 15 years shared what most people claim to see before they die. 

What many see before their death 

Julie McFadden, a registered nurse based in Los Angeles, shares her knowledge and experiences on TikTok under the handle @hospicenursejulie. In her viral video, she describes “visioning,” which happens to patients who are close to dying. This “visioning” usually involves relatives, pets, and other loved ones who passed away. 

It is comforting 

McFadden found this to be the most comforting part of dying. It usually happens up to a month before the patient passes away. While the hospice nurse saw this happen with the majority of patients, she admitted there was no explanation. 

Preparing family 

Since this is a common occurrence, McFadden said that part of the job is explaining this phenomenon to the families of deathbed patients, as it could look alarming if they are not informed about visioning. She repeated that this comforted her and hoped it would also comfort her viewers. 

Patients asked the nurse if she saw their “visions”

McFadden shared that apart from being lucid and alert, many patients asked her why they were seeing their dad, mom, or relative. She also noted that despite working in hospice for a long time, she never saw any signs of people going to hell, burning, or anything similar. 

People agreed with the nurse

Responding to McFadden’s video, one person described that their grandma saw dogs a month before she passed away. They added that Grandma was a big dog lover. 

Similar stories 

Another person described that a relative was packing a suitcase and picking a dress before their death. A nurse commented that a man saw his dog and described him in great detail, which made his wife smile. 

Not alone 

Another TikTok user wrote that their mom was “with” her sister and aunt before she passed and that she was not alone or scared. That gave comfort to the original poster and to their late mom. 

The nurse shared more on a podcast 

Speaking on The Skeptic Metaphysicians, McFadden repeated that patients said they were visited by people who had already passed on a few weeks or a month before they died. She added that people were lucid, not hallucinating, and elaborated that healthcare workers know what hallucinating looks like. 

Other death-related stories 

The hospice nurse is hoping to help destigmatize the process of death and dying. So, in another video, she discussed the body’s reactions to demise. She noted that most people poop, and their mouths and nose get full of foamy saliva. 

Some scarier details 

McFadden continued by sharing that sometimes people scream, growl, or bring their teeth. The nurse said that “death is messy” and advised loved ones to clean up the person on the deathbed and turn them to their side if they are foaming. 

The nurse wrote the book Nothing to Fear

McFadden wrote a book, Nothing to Fear: Demystifying Death to Live More Fully, which will be published in June 2024. It is described as a “compassionate and knowledgeable” guide that will be helpful for loved ones, those facing their final moments, and caregivers. Until the book is out, you can watch Julie’s video on TikTok.

Death anxiety

Up to 20.3% of Americans are afraid of dying. Even a more significant percentage is scared of losing someone they love, so demystifying death can help us live more fulfilled lives. Fear of death is the most primal human fear, but for some, it can turn into a phobia that typically requires therapy.

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