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How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

I have been struggling to make perfect scrambled eggs for years.  I’ve even told a couple of my friends that I was horrible at scrambling eggs and they looked at me like I was a freak.  🙂  But, it’s true – my scrambled eggs were always bland, dry, and yucky!

Even though my eggs sucked, I still ate them quite often.  Eggs (and whites) pack such a protein punch and are so quick and easy to make that they’re often my go-to dish when I’m rushed for time.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across this video on another blog and tried the technique right away.  Since then, my scrambled eggs have been killer, off the charts, to die for, so freaking good that I’m actually hoping I’ll start to be known in our family as the queen of scrambled eggs.  Go big or go home, am I right?

Check out the video:

These are the tips from the video that I think really work:

  • Light scrambling.  I like big chunks of eggs, not pitiful scraps of eggs.
  • “Pushing” the eggs with a wooden/bamboo spatula.  I got some bamboo utensils from Crate & Barrel for my wedding and they might just be one of my favorite gifts yet.  I use the bamboo spatulas all the time!  The “pushing” technique really works.  And I’m pretty sure any spatula would work, too, I’m just a bit obsessed with this bamboo set at the moment.
  • Not overcooking.  I am paranoid about undercooked food ever since THIS incident (*shudder*), and I think overcooking is what ruined my scrambled eggs before.  After watching this video, I realized that it’s okay for scrambled eggs to be a little moist.  Sounds weird, tastes good.  🙂
  • Splash of (skim) milk.  Makes them fluffy and delicious!  Totally works.

I used to have to add in all sorts of fillers like meat, cheese, and veggies to make my scrambled eggs edible.  Now, they’re delicious on their own!

Mastering basic recipes like these makes me feel a little better about cooking.  Maybe the more basic recipes I master (instead of just throw together), the more I’ll start to enjoy cooking?

Do you have any tips for making great scrambled eggs?

P.S. No, I have not returned to McDonald’s – not even once – since the “incident”.  It was that traumatizing.

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  • OMG, thanks for this video. I never knew how to make scrambled eggs. They would taste good, but they just wouldn’t look right. I don’t know if I have any bamboo utensils, but I’m going to go out and get some. Eggs on Saturday? Yessss.

  • I’ve always made them in a similar fashion to the video, but with a few differences.

    I add the cream or milk into the eggs as I’m mixing them with the fork. With a non-stick pan I cook them, but I think a little butter would be nice for flavour and ease of mixing. However this adds a lot of calories!

    I just sort of shove them around the pan at that point, but I’ll give the rim-to-center technique a try. I don’t think bamboo makes a difference, I switch between that and nylon all the time, they’re the same.

    They aren’t as creamy/runny as the dude’s were, but they come out nice and fluffy–it just depends on how you like it! You really just have to experiment with them to find the way you like it best!

    I also like to throw in herbs and spices, and sometimes cheese at the end for some extra flavour. Yum!

  • Interesting, I’ve never tried adding cream in the pan before. I usually do eggs/salt/pepper with the same technique minus the cream (and less pan butter). If I need knockout eggs, I put tiny little pieces of butter in the eggs before it goes in the pan, that way it melts all through the eggs and makes it really creamy. I might have to try this some time.

  • I basically do the same as he does, but with half the butter and a splash of milk instead of cream. I often don’t have milk in the house though, and hten I cook them at a slightly lower temperature stirring like crazy to get a creamy outcome 🙂 I like the cracked black pepper texture/flavour but I put it at the end instead of the beginning, salt has to go before though, I htink because it helps break down the yolk and whites. When I want knock-out impress the boyfriend scrambled eggs, a teaspoonful of wholegrain mustard before I cook them added to the mix works wonders!

  • Thanks for sharing this! I love scrambled eggs but am always too scared to make them! I’m with you that it’s not fool-proof. This is so helpful!

    Also, thanks for visiting our marriage blog today and letting us know you were there! 🙂

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