Tips for Women Travelling Alone

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As the cold weather fades away and spring starts to join us it’s time to get over cabin ever and start planning travels for the year.  If you’re thinking about taking a vacation and just getting away it’s time to start planning where you’ll go, how long you’ll stay and what you’ll want to do.

Personal confession:  I like travelling alone.  Don’t get me wrong, spending time with my friends is fun but when you travel alone you can keep the room temperature at the degree you want, you can wake up and go to bed whenever you want and you can go anywhere at any time without planning.

With all those great things being said travelling alone isn’t without its limitations.  There are some things that women should always keep in mind because travelling by yourself is definitely very different than travelling in a group.

Don’t give out too much personal information

If you’ve ever seen the movie Taken you know that women who travel alone can be a target for bad things.  If a stranger makes polite conversation with you on a plane or train just keep it casual.

Don’t give out information about your hotel, how long you’re staying or even your real name.  Even though my name is Tahnya Kristina, my travel name (and my Starbucks name) is Sam.  Someone may seem very nice, but you just never know what their intentions are.

Always have your room key ready

One of the biggest places where women can become a target is their hotel room.  Always have the key in hand and ready to get in as soon as you arrive.  The last thing you want to be doing is loitering in the hotel hallway in front of your hotel room door.  Not only does this let other guests know which room you’re staying in, but it also makes your vulnerable to intruders.

Avoid looking overwhelmed or distressed

This is extremely true if you’re in a new city or on a shopping trip.  Try to avoid looking lost when walking around, especially at night.  Plan your route and know where you’re going whenever possible.  Looking overwhelmed with a lot of luggage or shopping bags also puts women travelling alone in a place of vulnerability to be robbed…or worse.  Carrying cash is also not recommended, use your credit card whenever possible.

I like to travel with a backpack where I can put all of my other purchases.  That way I always have my arms free and don’t look weighed down or overwhelmed.

Enjoy yourself, but get home safe

If you’re out for dinner and drinks or drinks and dancing with friends there is always someone with you who can make sure you get home safe.  However when you’re travelling alone that is not the case.  Be cautious with drink amounts when you’re by yourself.  Have a good time, but make sure you are still of sound mind and can get back to the hotel safely.

It’s also a good idea to choose a well known hotel in a populated area when you travel by yourself.  This way you aren’t wandering around in quiet neighborhoods by yourself.



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