Trump vows there won’t be a January 6 repeat if re-elected

Donald Trump talked to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt and stated he would allow a peaceful transfer of power if re-elected in the 2024 elections.

The promise to “peacefully surrender”

Hewitt asked Trump if he would “peacefully surrender” if re-elected for his second term in 2024. He replied, “I did that this time,” adding, “And I’ll tell you what, the election was rigged, and we have plenty of evidence of it, but I did it anyway.”

The former president doubled down on the 2020 elections, stating, “The other question you should ask is you should ask the other side will you cheat on the elections, because the only way we’re going to lose is if they cheat on the elections.”

The former president also distanced himself from Hitler.

Trump was criticized for saying that the immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” something that many compared to Hitler’s speeches. The 45th president said he was not Hitler’s “student” and continued, “When you look at it, if you look at what’s coming in, we have from all over the world — not one group — they’re coming in from Asia, from Africa, from South America; they’re coming from all over the world.”

But, he did not stop there and declared, “They’re coming from mental institutions and insane asylums. They’re terrorists, absolutely, that’s poisoning our country, that’s poisoning the blood of our country.” Trump added, “They have people coming in — we don’t even know what the language is that they speak. We have nobody that speaks the language, and they’re loading up our classes, we’re’ loading up our classes, our school classes with children that don’t speak the language, that don’t speak our language.”

Trump says he never read “Mein Kampf”

Trump also repeated during an Iowa rally that he never read “Mein Kampf.” He reiterated on the radio, “I know nothing about Hitler. I’m not a student of Hitler. I never read his works. They say that he said something about blood; he didn’t say it the way I said it either, by the way, it’s a very different kind of a statement.”

Harris, instead of Biden

While on The Hugh Hewitt Show, the host asked, “Mr. President, if people vote for Joe Biden, are they really voting for Kamala Harris?” Trump elaborated, “He has to choose her. I understand. It would seem like the Democrats, if he doesn’t run, have to run her. That’s what all of the professionals like you are saying. I’m not sure that that’s correct, but that’s what they’re saying. Yeah, you’re locked into her. And she might be, I can’t say worse. I think she’d be better than him, actually. I actually think that. I don’t think you can have worse than him.”

The ex-president gave a similar statement to Tucker Carlson, “She has some bad moments. Her moments are almost as bad as his. I think his are worse, actually.”

If Trump gets re-elected

Many quickly pointed out that if Trump gets a second term in the White House, he would not be able to run again. Therefore, his statement about the peaceful transfer of power was unnecessary.

But Trump’s re-election raised my concerns among Democrats and Republicans, with his former AG Bill Barr saying on Fox News, “I’m worried that his style of governance, his continuing to pander to anger and frustration versus a constructive approach to solving our problems, is going to be chaotic and not accomplish very much.” He added, “I think for people going into that administration. I think they have to be ready to oppose the abuse of government power.”

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