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What Are the Easiest Department Store Credit Cards to Get? 

We hate to stress as we stand in line, waiting to hear whether we are approved or not for yet another credit card. Fear of rejection may lead to us not taking the risk, or doing a lot of sweating and nail biting as we wait. Rather than make you worry, we’ve researched which department store credit cards are the easiest to get. Fret not, we have the answers!


Kohl’s credit card has no annual fee, monthly discounts reaching as high as 30%, and an annual percentage rate of 24.24%. When signing up for the card, you receive an initial offer allowing you to save 30% on your current purchase and an additional 15% later when you receive the card. It is much easier to obtain than a major credit card, with a FICO score requirement estimated to be in the mid-600s.


Walmart has both a MasterCard and a store credit card. The MasterCard version is more difficult to obtain, but the store credit card has little to no red tape. It is ideal for those just starting out because of its low FICO score requirement. With your initial sign up, you save 15% off of your purchase (up to $50). There are no annual fees, you get a free monthly FICO score, and its annual percentage rate is 23.15%. Additionally, you receive up to 3% cash back as statement credit.

JC Penny

If you have poor credit history, this may be the card for you. Rumor is that they have lowered requirements due to a decline in customers. With initial sign up, you receive 15% off of your purchase, and there are no annual fees. Their credit card has an annual percentage rate of 26.99%, and they have a rewards system. For every dollar that you charge to the card, you receive one point. For every 200 points you accumulate, you receive $10.


Macy’s also offers two cards. They have both an American Express and store credit card. The store card is easier to qualify for and obtain, with less strict requirements. Even those with very poor credit have been known to be approved for Macy’s store credit card. With sign up, you receive 20% off for two days, up to 100 dollars. There are no annual fees, there are occasional surprise offers, and the card has an annual percentage rate of 25.74%.


Lastly, Sears offers a credit card that is fairly easy to obtain. Along with a Citi card (more difficult to be approved for) is the store’s credit card, which has loose criteria requirements. Rumor is that Sears requires a FICO score of 680 or higher to be approved. Sears also is dealing with a declining number of customers, and may be willing to take on customers with no credit history, or weaker history.

There are many options out there for you to consider if you are looking for a credit card that will not turn you away. Remember, credit cards can be dangerous. Practice healthy spending and be a cautious credit card owner.

Editors Note: If you’re not looking for a store card, you could always apply for the Chase Sapphire.  It’s got solid rewards if you’re traveling a lot.  Slickdeals has a nice write up, which you should check out if you get a chance.

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  • If you’ve got a credit score over 750, you should have no problem getting any credit card listed above. If it’s below 750, then I’d advise staying away from the credit card in the first place/

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