10 Places to Retire That Are Similar to Florida But Even Better and Often Cheaper 

Florida is a dream spot for many retirees, but it comes with a price and additional nuances, such as humidity and tourists. There are many places just as beautiful as Florida, some even more so, that are worth your attention when starting to plan where to spend the next chapter of your life. 

1. Green Valley, Arizona

Green Valley in Arizona offers Florida heat without the prices. Green Valley is near Tucson, and it provides a variety of experiences, from high-end shopping to fancy dining and cultural events. There are over 55 retirement communities that blend perfectly with calm lifestyles. It comes as no surprise that this spot is among Forbes’ top 25 places to retire. 

2. Corpus Christi, Texas

Warm weather and affordable housing in a town called “Sparkling City by the Sea” also come with a massive advantage compared to Florida – retirement income is tax-free. The city of southern Texas has a thriving economy and laid-back approach to life, with an impressive art scene, farmers’ markets, museums, and much more to enrich your daily activities. 

3. Reading, Pennsylvania

Reading in Pennsylvania is ranked the second-best place to retire. Though the cost of living is a bit higher than average, it comes with real-life Reading Railroad from the Monopoly, numerous outdoor activities, and one great news: retirement income is not taxable. It is close to Philly, minus the hectic lifestyle, but with plenty to do, see, and enjoy. 

4. Ann Arbor, Michigan 

If you enjoy a colder climate, Ann Arbor could be a place for a fresh start. Beautiful nature, a Midwest vibe, a long-standing Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and an overall sense of community and togetherness are reasons enough for you to check out this Michigan town. 

5. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Many publications found that Lancaster is the best place for retirees. Diverse communities, lower living costs, and a vibrant Lancaster spirit while experiencing all four seasons are plenty of reasons to plan your senior years in this part of the country. Most importantly, you will get access To quality healthcare and a great variety of outdoor activities. 

6. Charleston, South Carolina

Another top destination for retirees is Charleston, a South Carolina town that offers affordability and outdoor activities, with ocean breezes and the homestead tax exemption. From golfing to kayaking, with excellent weather and a rich history, this might be the ideal place to spend your senior years. 

7. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach offers excellent air quality and a beach lifestyle, with numerous retirement-age-friendly activities. Between an ocean and mountains, with low crime rates, plenty of art and entertainment, and the Virginia Senior Citizens Higher Education Act that offers studies well beyond your 60s, it is the perfect place to enjoy the vibrant golden ages. 

8. College Station, Texas

College Station, located 85 miles northwest of Houston, offers warm weather, affordability, and a vibrant lifestyle, and the city will keep you busy and entertained at any age. In the heart of this town is Texas A&M University, but with access to healthcare and all other necessities, the city is among the best places for retirees who still want an active life. 

9. Columbia, Missouri

Another University town, Columbia, is beaming with youthful spirit, excellent healthcare, and opportunities to further your education and enjoy one of over 70 parks. There are also opportunities to help the community by volunteering or to indulge in a rich art scene. 

10. Lexington, Kentucky

The Athens of the West is highly affordable because everyday necessities like groceries are exempt from Lexington taxes. Kentucky property taxes are around half the US average, and it comes with accessible healthcare. Lexington, the Horse Capital of the World, has over 100 parks, scenic green spaces, and many entertainment venues, making it ideal for retirement. 

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