3 Things to Consider When Making Big Life Decisions

Perhaps you saw a Black Tie Moving van this morning, and it got you thinking: is it time for me to move? Throughout our lives, we are faced with multiple life changing decisions. It’s not always clear what direction we should take.


We’re offering 3 things to consider when making big life decisions. Let’s get into it!


Evaluate Multiple Options


Chances are, you don’t want to make any huge life changes without first evaluating other options. There’s a good reason you should consider alternatives. What if you end up wishing you would have taken a different path? This could easily happen if you don’t spend some dedicated time analyzing all your choices.


It’s best if you write down what you know, and then seek out what you don’t. Investigate, research – as much as you can about whatever choice you are deciding on. The experience and knowledge of others is readily available via books and the internet. Use these resources!


After you’ve studied up a bit on your decision and written some options down, spend some time meditating on it. And no, not necessarily the meditation you think of when it comes to Buddhist monks. Meditate as in setting aside some time each day to evaluate how you’re feeling about the choice in front of you.


The more options you have, the more likely you are to pick what’s best for you. Don’t rush it!


Consult with a Trusted Mentor


Do you know somebody who has went through a similar point in their life that you’re facing now? If so, reach out to them! Speaking with someone who has already confronted a choice you are about to make can provide a completely different, yet valuable, perspective.


A mentor will be able to provoke questions you hadn’t thought of before. Seeking out a person who has gone through a similar life change will be able to fill you in on what worked for them, and more importantly, what didn’t.


Of course, everyone is different. You don’t (and shouldn’t) follow the exact same path as another. It’s important to take their experience and put it up against your own. After all, what didn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.


Communicate with Family


Nobody knows you better than your family. When you’re met with making a big decision regarding your life, you should talk with those who love you the most. They will undoubtedly be your biggest supporters when it comes to you making big moves in life.


If you’re married, it’s vital that you discuss any potential life changes with your partner. As a spouse, you want to make sure you’re considering your other half. You certainly don’t want to resent a decision if it can cause strife or damage to your marriage.


If you’re open and honest with how you feel about something, you’re sure to be met with understanding if you’re in a healthy relationship. Most big decisions should be agreed upon by both parties in a marriage, as it will undoubtedly affect you both.  




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