3 Tips for Glamorous Office Makeup

Mastering a makeup look that is both a reflection of your personality *and* appropriate for the office is an essential for any young professional. While makeup should serve as an outlet for you to express yourself and your creativity, workplace makeup should be natural enough that it will not draw any unwanted, negative attention to you throughout the workday – plus, many executives and hiring managers admit that “unprofessional” makeup looks might cost potential employees a job. Many companies use training from hsi.com to educate employees about workplace protocols, but many professionals do not have a clear understanding of what beauty looks are and are not appropriate for the workplace. Here are 5 tips for mastering the perfect workplace makeup look that will leave you looking and feeling good in the office all day long. 

  1. Glowy Skin 

The key to making any makeup look appear more natural is keeping your face makeup looking as natural as possible. This can most easily be done by using a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for lightweight coverage, and skipping heavy powders to keep skin looking fresh and dewy. Using as many cream products as possible such as bronzer, blush, and highlighter over your foundation will make your skin look naturally clear and sunkissed. 


  1. Neutral Eyeshadow

During the workday, avoid glitter or shimmer eyeshadows altogether and opt for matte neutrals. Warm colors like taupe or brown will appear natural on the eyes and are flattering for nearly every eye color. Using these shades will make your eyes pop with minimal effort, once again making your overall look seem fairly natural. Avoid dramatic liner throughout the workday and opt for a smokey pencil liner, or use liquid eyeliner to create a small wing depending on your eyeshape.


  1. Nude Lip Tint 

Adding nude lipstick to any look will make it appear more natural while emphasizing your lips – but lipstick can be annoying to retouch throughout a busy workday. To keep your color in place all day long with little to no effort, opt for a lip tint or matte liquid lipstick in a nude shade that closely matches your natural lip color. These products should stay in place all day (even throughout lunch or while sipping water or coffee throughout the day), and will emphasize your lips and tie together your completed look without seeming too overdone. 


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