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Start Running Outside This Summer


Good morning Loves.  How do you like to get your fresh air and sunshine during the gorgeous summer months?  I love being outdoors and try to be out in the fresh air as much as I can.  Given my hectic work schedule and the rain we’ve had up here in the Northeast I admittedly haven’t been outside as much as I would like to.  But I’m not complaining.  Knowing that the cold winter is only a few months away I will take any time outside that I can get.

One of the things I really love doing is walking around outside.  There are several running paths around the water in our new apartment and I am slowly but surely discovering them all.  As you may remember I don’t workout outside very often because the concrete is harsh on my lower back.  However walking seems to be OK.  At least once a week I like to grab all my gear and head outside.

If you’re new to the great outdoors here’s everything you need to workout outside:


This is definitely something you don’t need in the gym, but when you’re working out outside it’s a must.  Whether you’re running at dawn or at dusk the summer sun is shining bright.  A good pair of sunglasses that don’t slip make your run a lot easier.  I know a lot of people like Oakley glasses for sports because they are tight and comfy at the same time.

Sun screen

Walking outside for an hour really helps work on my tan.  I like to walk at twilight during the week but on the weekends getting out in the middle of the day helps my usually pale skin get a sun kissed look.  However I do it safely while wearing sunscreen.  I like the Coppertone spray suntan lotion for sports.  It’s not greasy and it seems to absorb better than the cream.

Good shoes

As you know good running shoes are the one part of my workout wardrobe that I’m actually willing to pay a good amount of money for.   Thanks to my lower back problems I can’t take any risks when running on the treadmill at the gym.  The same is true when running outside.

The concrete of roads and sidewalks are naturally more harsh on the joints than the cushioned treadmill so if you’re going to start sprinting outside my advice is to invest in a good pair of shoes.  My last pair of runners were Muzino and I really loved them.  I just bought New Balance runners and so far they’re great.

Somewhere to keep your keys

When you’re outside you don’t have a gym bag and a locker or a cup holder for all your stuff.  So how do you bring everything you need?  Secret pockets.  I keep my iPhone in an arm band and there’s also room for my credit card or $5 cash in case I need it.  I also bring my iPhone when I workout outside instead of my iPod for safety reasons.  It lets me contact BF if I need to.  I have a little wristband that has a pocket where I can keep my house key.  Neither item adds a lot of extra weight so it doesn’t affect my stamina.

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  • I like to wear a sweatband on my wrist, too. I can’t stand for sweat to get in my eyes, and if you are going for a long run, ever piece of clothing could be soaked in sweat!

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