5 Creative First Date Ideas

First dates can be awkward, especially if they are not well planned. Getting to know someone one on one for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but enjoying a fun activity or delicious meal while doing so can make it a little easier. If you are trying to plan a first date, you might find yourself struggling to think of unique yet enjoyable activities that would be appropriate for such an occasion. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, don’t panic! Here are a few ideas that are sure to impress your date 


  1. Art Class

Are you and/or your date particularly interested in art? Or, are you indifferent about art but looking for a creative, hands-on activity to help ease the awkwardness of a first date? Try a painting or pottery class at a local art studio! Many studios offer special “paint-n-sip” events where participants can enjoy a glass of wine while working on some art, and others even offer date night events which serve as the perfect opportunity for you and your date to get to know one another! 


  1. Brewery Tour 

Heading to your local brewery for a tour is a great way to add some excitement to a typical evening of getting drinks. Learning about how your favorite local beers are made before tasting them together sounds like the perfect date. Many breweries even have activities like yard games to add a little more fun and friendly competition to your next date. 


  1. Thrifting 

Thrifting is an increasingly popular date idea. You and your date can take turns digging through racks or bins looking for the most unique vintage clothing, giving you an opportunity to show off your personal tastes in style while having a fun activity to enjoy together. 


  1. Shooting Range

Looking for a little adventure on your next date? Checking out a local shooting range can be a great idea if this is something you and your date are both interested in. Heading to a Texas long range shooting school will give you the perfect activity to enjoy while you get to know each other. 


  1. Karaoke Bar

Show off your singing skills by heading to a local karaoke bar with your date. Don’t worry if you or your date aren’t especially musically inclined; bonding over your bad singing is half the fun of attending karaoke night at your favorite bar. 

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