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5 Workouts You Need to Try

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Are you stuck in a fitness rut?  I’ve definitely been there, done that.  Sometimes I hate getting off the couch or out of bed because I don’t want to go to the gym.  Not because I don’t want to lose weight or get healthy, but because the gym can be boring.

Let’s not lie, working out is hard and if it’s not fun then it can be a total drag.  My point is if you want to have fun at the gym you need to mix it up.  Find new activities that get your body moving in ways you never thought it could, push yourselves past boundaries you didn’t know existed and make sure you have fun while doing it.

Here are five different workouts to get you out of the gym and out of your fitness rut:

Cross Fit

Cross Fit is like boot camp on crack.  If you’ve ever done an outdoor boot camp class you know exactly what I’m talking about  Cross Fit is the highest intensity workout I’ve ever seen.  Yes I said seen.  I have yet to build up my courage to try Cross Fit, mostly because I will further harm my dislocated spine.  However I have watched several classes and YouTube videos.


This is a workout said to be used by the Navy Seals.  It uses our own body weight to stretch and lift using large straps suspended from the ceiling.  That’s the best way I can think to describe it.  Resistance exercises and repetition will leave you feeling strong.


As you know I am a huge fan of yoga.  It’s a tough workout and trust me when I say I’m sweating within the first 20 minutes of an hour class, however it’s also a great way to slow down, focus on breath and clear your mind.  I can’t say enough good things about yoga.  There are also so many different types of classes such as hot yoga, Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga.  Meditation classes are also a great way to clear the mind.

Rock Climbing

I have always wanted to try rock climbing, but my fear of heights has always prevented me from doing so.  This is one of the more expensive gym alternatives because it requires special gear such as shoes, ropes and hooks.  I have a friend who is very into rock climbing and he spends approximately $3000 a year on his rock climbing membership and gear as well as outdoor excursions to climb actual mountains.


I first heard about Soul Cycle on Live with Kelly and Michael because Kelly Ripa is a huge fan.  She goes to classes in downtown Manhattan so just for fun I went to check it out last time I was in New York City.  Soul Cycle is an intense working on a stationary bike to music.  Depending on the level of class you could sprint, bike uphill and even incorporate hand weights.  It’s definitely a total body workout that will have your calories, rear end and thighs burning.

What’s your favorite out of the gym workout?

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