Best Present Ideas

It can often be hard to think of what to get someone for a present. The intention is always there, you want to get them the best present ever. A present that is thoughtful, memorable and meaningful. So where do you begin? The best thing to do is analyze what the gift is for (birthday, Christmas, house warming, etc), your budget, what the recipient needs or enjoys. To spark some ideas, I have compiled a list of good present suggestions below.


One characteristic of a good gift is thoughtfulness. One that will bring an emotion. A lot of times a gift that provides a memory or a keepsake is one that will spark an emotion. An example that may be a good idea is an old picture being framed or even being converted to digital for safekeeping. I have heard some people make photo albums of old photos for people who haven’t been able to do it for themselves. Photos are something you can cherish forever. Another idea is an old jersey, ball or other sports memorabilia from a person’s childhood. You can get them framed for them to showcase.


A lot of times people might have a hobby or something they do in their off or free time. Some hobbies can be expensive and therefore some supplies for them can be a great gift and surprise for someone. Does the person like to play music? Get them a new instrument like acoustic guitars or trumpets. I know someone who wanted a new french horn when they got engaged rather than an engagement ring because it meant that much to her. If the person is into art you can get them art supplies or a fancy new tool. A new digital camera for a photographer would be another idea. Look into the person who you are getting the gift for and see what type of hobby they are into and see if there is anything new and exciting they could want or need.


People say that it is moments that you remember, not things. I think this is true. If you are looking for a gift that is an alternative for something why not invest in an experience and a memory rather than a physical item. An idea of an experience may be a ticket to a show like a movie, concert, play, or comedy routine. There may be a place they want to visit like a particular museum or landmark that you can purchase them tickets to. Even a theme park ticket would be a nice gift. If you are willing you could also get them a hotel room or air bnb somewhere for them to enjoy. Is it someone you haven’t seen in awhile and want to? Maybe you could buy them a plane ticket to come and see you. All of these experiences will never be forgotten and are worth more than what you spend. Simply put. a memory is priceless.

Problem Solver

I once saw a quote that said “Happiness doesn’t come from adding positives, it comes from removing negatives”. This is so true when it comes to gift giving. If you help someone with your gift by solving a problem for them, it will bring them happiness. Is there something that annoys them often? Fix that annoyance. If someone always complains about a broken light switch, fix the light switch. Is someone always complaining they are bored? Plan something for them! Are they a mom who feels over burdened with chores, take some on for them or sub it out to someone who will do it. If you take the time to think about what would make their life easier, they would really enjoy it.

Don’t Overthink

If you are lucky, the recipient will tell you what they want. In this case, it is ok to not be so thoughtful! No one knows the recipient better than themselves so listen to them. Sometimes we are tempted to go above and beyond but if they know what they need or want then go for it. You are off the hook! It may feel thoughtless to you, but the key is that it doesn’t to them.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you solve your problem of find the perfect gift!

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