Can you buy LuLaRoe online?

If you’re looking for comfy and cute clothes, LuLaRoe is the way to go. LuLaRoe is sold by individual distributors; their clothing is high-quality, affordable, and so comfortable. They’re best known for their bold and unique patterns, and clothes made to fit all body types, regardless of size.

I own plenty of LuLaRoe outfits, and I can wear them for nearly every occasion. They are comfy enough that I can wear them on a plane or when I’m working from home, but still cute enough that I can wear them out to eat with friends or while meeting with clients. The fabrics typically do not wrinkle easily, so I know they’ll still look great when I pull them out of my suitcase. Most importantly, LuLaRoe provides women with clothing that finally FEELS good, without breaking the bank.

So… How do I buy this clothing? Where can I sign up for my first pair of leggings? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Since they are sold solely by independent distributors, you cannot just google a specific website to order immediately from. However, there are tons of Facebook groups that you can join and buy items from LuLaRoe distributors. I suggest Sabrina Prosser’s group. She is the distributor I use most often and she’s phenomenal to work with.

LuLaRoe is phenomenal and will change your opinions on how clothing should fit and feel. So many women clothing brands are made only to fit certain body types, but LuLaRoe excludes no one. Their clothing comes in sizes ranging from XXS to 3X, because they understand that petite, average and curvy types are all beautiful. Definitely check out the sizing guides and ask your consultant which size you should order for your body type.

If you are new to LuLaRoe, start off with a pair of their famous leggings; many LLR lovers describe them fondly as “buttery smooth.” I can vouch myself that they are incredibly soft, comfortable, and the perfect amount of thickness.

Another way that LuLaRoe is especially unique is the limited number of prints they offer. They only make 1,000 pieces of each print, so snatch up anything that you love quickly! Each consultant or distributor has a different selection of inventory, so you don’t have to worry about everyone wearing what you’re wearing! Popular prints are coined “unicorns” because they’re so hard to find!

How much does LuLaRoe cost?

On average, a piece typically costs somewhere in the ballpark of $35. Leggings and children clothing are typically less, but women’s dresses and other pieces can run higher. Hop on Facebook and check out what styles and prices work best for you!

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