Christmas Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life


The holidays are in full swing and although I am not a huge fan of cold winter weather I absolutely LOVE this time of the year.  There is something so comforting about the look and feel of Christmas.  In all honesty – even though it may sound superficial – I really love the look of wrapped gifts under a full decorated Christmas tree.  However I hate shopping at the mall during holidays.

Holiday shopping brings out big crowds, and although malls are beautifully decorated I try to avoid them at all costs.  I do most of my Christmas gift shopping online, this is partially because my family lives in a different state and partially because it’s so convenient.

Here are the best Christmas gift ideas for every man in your life:

Bottle Breacher

This is for the beer bottle and wine drinker in your life.  All the Shark Tank fans out there will be very familiar with this handy little gadget.  Bottle Breacher is a bottle opener made from a 50 caliber bullet and the best part is that it can be custom engraved.  This is by far one of the manliest gifts I’ve ever seen – it’s also the gift I bought for BF this year.  That’s right come Christmas morning this will be wrapped and under my tree.  I am still waiting for it to be delivered to Canada, but I’m sure it’s on its way.

Sports memorabilia tree ornament

My Dad is a huge Cleveland Browns fan so this year I bought him a Christmas tree ornament with a Cleveland Browns football player hanging on it.  I originally did this last year for BF and he liked it so much that I decided to buy one for the other man in my life.  The best part is I purchased it on Amazon and had it shipped to my Dad’s address at no additional cost.  He’s totally going to love it.

Baseball attire or equipment

If he’s part of a beer league with his friends, how about buying him something he can use in his games. A good gift for your man who plays baseball is a new bat or you can check out this collection of Catcher’s Mitts by Baseballmonkey.

Their favorite book

I think a good book is a universal gift.  It works for birthdays, housewarmings, graduations, weddings and of course Christmas.  This is usually the go-to-gift for my Dad because he’s an avid reader, but not this year.  Fiction novels, biographies and even niche books like the Guinness Book of World Records or the history of a sports team are great gift ideas.  A few years ago I bought my best friend the biography of Anna Nicole Smith and to this day it’s one of her favorite books.

A night out with the guys

If the man in your life is an avid sports fan, why not give him a night out with the guys.  Both BF and my Dad are huge UFC fans so for Christmas I am buying them both the Pay Per View fight on December 14.  I also chipped in money for delivery food and beer so they can invite their friends over and make a whole night of it.  Of course I had to tell them both about it, so it won’t be a surprise but it seems like a gift they’ll both enjoy.

What are you buying for the man in your life this Christmas?

If you are thinking about shopping on Black Friday, you can find out everything you need to know at The Penny Hoarder.

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