Clothes Shopping I Would Never Buy Online

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Clothes shopping is fun and shopping online is easy, however not all online purchases are good ones.  I’m a huge fan of fashion shopping to keep up with the latest trends every season, but only to a certain extent.  That extent is my budget.

We can find great deals by clothes shopping online and there are usually items available online that are sold out in stores, so that’s a great reason to get online.  However if you’re not satisfied with your purchased returning items can be a real pain in the butt.

Some retailers let you return your online purchases in store, but others require you to return the items to the depot by mail – and that’s a huge hassle.  There are certain things I like to buy online such as candles, workout gear (because I’m always the same size), books and body wash; but when it comes to clothes shopping there are just some things I prefer to buy in the store.

Shoes and boots

Although I have to admit deals on websites such as Just Fab and sales at Payless can be very tempting.  I mean who doesn’t like to get a brand new pair of boots for springtime for under $40?!  However I find that shoes always need to be tried on.

If you’re like me your shoes can vary a size depending on the make and model.  I wear an 8 in flip flops and sandals, but when it comes to boots and ballerina flats I need a size 9 – most of the time.

Blouses and work attire

I love a great top, but because of body size issues and my 36 C cups I vary between a medium and a large size top when clothes shopping.  I love fashion shopping for new clothes, because I don’t do it often and I love getting packages in the mail.

Let me tell you there is nothing worse than waiting for a nice new outfit in the mail, having it arrive, being the wrong size and having to send it back.  That’s the worst.

I will always buy online…

The one thing I was always buy online is a repeat order.   If I’ve already bought and loved an item I have no problem buying it again online.  I have this pair of skinny pants from H&M in three colors.  While window clothes shopping on their site I recently saw they just came out with a line of new colors for the spring.  To be honest I’m probably going to buy one or two more pairs.

I have to tell you the pants are so comfortable you feel like you’re at home in yoga pants and they’re only $19 a pair.  How amazing is that?!  I wear them to work and on the weekend, they are absolutely the most perfect pair of skinny pants I’ve ever owned.  The next time you’re fashion shopping at H&M check them out.

Where do you like to shop online?  Is there anything you would never buy online?


  • The only risk is that sometimes sizes do vary even if you buy the same exact item. Either the store changes their sizes slightly (Old Navy has done this to us) or the item might be produced at different factories, and the sizing might be slightly different. I’ve had the same item made in two different countries, and although it was technically identical, there were enough variations to make sure that I double check. Just something to think about.

    • Oh that’s a good point Money Beagle. I never thought of that. I would hate to reorder something and have it not fit. Returning things online is a total downside of online shopping, however some companies let you return them in the store.

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