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Favorite Things to Buy at Costco

If you haven’t hopped on the Costco train yet, seriously check it out. You will not regret giving it a chance!

The way it works: You buy an initial membership (starting at $55/year) and then reap the benefits. Most of what they sell is in bulk, and your savings are huge. If you don’t like buying in bulk, consider shopping with a friend or two and splitting the goods. You’ll consistently beat even Walmart prices for great produce, pantry items and other goods!

Here are some of my favorite things at Costco for you to check out:

  • Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Olive oil is a great thing to buy in bulk because of how frequently we use it in the kitchen. Kirkland brand is one of my all-time favorites at Costco! (2 liters for $13.99)
  • Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks: Annie’s fruit snacks are delicious and healthy. They’ll bring a smile to the kids’ faces, and you may want to sneak a pack or two for yourself as well. ($11.99 for a 36 pack. Not bad!)
  • Kirkland 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup: You can’t beat this delicious syrup and it’s healthy as well. (1 liter for $12.99)
  • Dave’s Killer Organic Bread: 100% whole grain with 21 whole grains and seeds. Delicious and healthy! A must-have in the pantry. ($6.99)
  • Bare Crunchy Apple Chips: Is it apples or is it chips? The world may never know. Regardless, they are DELISH. (14 oz. for $6.99)
  • Back to Nature Animal Crackers: Another kid pleaser and parent pleaser as well. Healthy, yummy and a great deal. (24 pack for $9.99)
  • Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter: Again, Kirkland is the best. (2 28 oz. jars for $10.99)
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn: Skinny pop is delicious and low on calories. With the perfect amount of salt, it’s the best tasting “healthy popcorn” I’ve ever tried. Costco sells it in big bags. (A 12-oz. bag is $3.59)
  • Brad’s Organic Almond Butter: Natural and delicious. Brad’s almond butter is creamy and a great Costco find. ($13.69 for 28 oz.)
  • Nature Nate’s Raw Unfiltered Honey: Organic, scrumptious and nutritious. (40 oz. for $12.99)
  • Go Raw Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds: A great delicious and healthy snack. Unbeatable! (1 lb. for $9.99)
  • Fresh Produce: Costco has an expansive selection of delicious and reasonably priced produce. Here are a few particular favorites.
    • Bananas (3lbs. for $1.39)
    • Avocados (6 for $5.99)
    • Sweet Potatoes (5lb. bag for $5.79)
    • Baby Carrots (5lb. bag for $5.232)
    • Fresh and Organic Greens: Costco has baby spinach, salad kits, spring mix lettuce, baby kale and more. All their greens are well-priced and of good quality.
  • Spices: There are so many great spices at Costco that you just have to go see for yourself. Try out a few new ones and spice things up in the kitchen.
  • Nuts: Costco sells raw almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, cashews, pine nuts and more. Kirkland, of course, has a great selection at Costco. (Big bags range from $15 to $25)

Lastly, Costco has outstanding customer service and a great return policy, so its better from a customer experience standpoint than its competitors like Walmart or Sam’s Club. You can also check out their new locations here.

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