Finding Peace Between Your Mind and Body


Have you ever been at the gym and wanted to keep working out because you were so exhilarated, but knew that your body just couldn’t take it anymore?  Or have you ever wanted to keep working out because you were so into it, but your back or knees just couldn’t take another step?  I know I have.

I find the key to a good workout is finding a balance between finding peace in both body and mind because a good workout needs both. I like to walk away from the gym feeling clear minded, sweaty and full of energy.

Here’s how to get the most out of your workout:

Get over any mental obstacles

A workout is just as much of a mental exercise as it is a physical one.  At least it is for me. Sometimes the hardest part of getting in a good workout is getting to the gym.  I would much rather be at home in my pyjamas watching Netflix or soaking my sore bones in a hot bath.  However neither one of those things helps keep my energy up, my heart healthy and my weight at a reasonable number.  Once we get over the mental obstacle of working out we can focus on the physical.

Another mental part of a good workout is self confidence.  Have you ever avoided something because you thought you couldn’t do it?  I know I have.  Earlier this year I overcame my fear and joined a yoga studio.  Now once a week I focus on my breathing, letting go of stress and stretch my body in positions I didn’t think was possible.  And you know what – it feels great.

Push your body just a little bit more

I used to work out on the treadmill for 30 minutes because I thought that was all I could take.  However as my obsession with exercise increases and I’m making more time in my schedule for me I have increased my time on the treadmill to 40 minutes twice a week.  By the end of the year I want to get up to 45 minutes three times a week.

I keep myself motivated by always mixing it up. I spend my work out on the treadmill with a mixture of running, walking at an incline and lifting three pound weights.  I never keep the workout the same so I don’t get bored.  The time I spend on each task really depends on my music playlist.  I find it’s easier to keep going with a good song as oppose to watching the clock.

Accomplish the goal you set

There is no better feeling in the world than accomplishing a goal, at least not for me.  I love setting personal goals and pushing myself to meet them.  It’s so much easier to just give up, but what fun would that be.  Writing about and reminding myself about my goals helps me stay on track and keep working towards them until I achieve it.  When I achieve something it keeps me motivated towards achieving more goals.

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