How to give the perfect gift


It’s that time of the year when everyone spends their weeks shopping for the perfect gift for the weekend, yep it’s wedding season.  Some of my friends are already married and the others are not even close to being engaged so I don’t have to worry about shelling out a bunch of cash this year.

However within the three months of May, June and July I have to buy five gifts, that’s almost one gift every two weeks.  That’s a lot of money in a very short time period.  We start off with Mother’s Day in May, then my mom’s birthday at the beginning of June, followed by Father’s Day and my sister’s birthday the next week.  Then we finish the gift giving season off with my dad’s birthday at the end of July.

I actually like giving gifts, racking my brain and shopping for the perfect gift is not my favorite thing to do but I do love wrapping gifts and of course seeing the smile on people’s face when they open the gift.  Giving a wrapped gift is a nice alternative to the traditional wedding gift of giving an envelope full of cash.  And a wrapped box with a bow is a lot prettier than a plain old envelope.

In case you need to buy gifts this summer I’ve put together (with the help of my family and friends) this list of perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Gifts for Her

Tickets to an event.  I love going to places like the theatre to see plays, to see musicals and to the ballet.  I recently went to a comedy show and had a great time.  My boyfriend just bought us tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil and I am very excited to spend the afternoon under the big top tent

I personally think flowers are a great gift.  I love getting them and I love giving them to other people.  However, I recently saw on The Real Housewives of New York City that it’s bad manners to give someone flowers without a vase.  I didn’t know that.

A massage.  Absolutely the perfect gift as far as I’m concerned. I love spending the day at a spa getting a relaxing massage as I turn off my cell  and just lay down and relax on the massage table.

Gifts for Him

A book.  This is actually a perfect gift for anyone.  I love reading and I love the smell of books so getting them as gifts is a great idea.  However I also think that gifts are very personal.  It’s a gift that you give to a really good friend or a family member because it’s very specific to a person’s taste.

Man accessories.  I love buying my dad hats because he loves hats.  Give my dad a fedora or a newsboy hat as a gift and he is a happy man.  I also read that giving ties, belts and gloves are also a good gift to get the special man in your life.

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