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Now’s the Time to Enjoy an Americano: Coffee, But Better

How to Make an Americano

It’s official, people: hot beverage season is here, and it’s glorious. Here’s how to make an Americano — and why it’ll soon be your favorite coffee drink.

More Than a Pumpkin Spice Latte

But for many coffee purists, trendy drinks like the pumpkin spice latte are an affront. Why mar the delicious natural taste of coffee with sweeteners and artificial spices? And let’s be real, pumpkin spice is just a ruse for Big Seasoning to sell you more cinnamon.

So what options do us bold coffee lovers have when we want something more elevated than a regular drip coffee but aren’t interested in a drink that could substitute for a dessert? Enter the Americano.

What Is an Americano?

The lore is that American soldiers stationed in Europe during World War II couldn’t handle the espresso traditionally enjoyed by Italians, so they diluted it with a bit of hot water to make it more palatable.

Thus the Americano was born. A mixture of espresso and hot water, it has the taste of a normal coffee, but with a bit more punch and a richer flavor.

How to Make an Americano

  • To convert an espresso to an Americano, simply dilute the espresso with hot water to a 1:1 ratio. You’ll notice a beautiful teddy-bear brown layer of crema on top; a result of aromatic oils being released while the espresso is poured.
  • To make a larger serving size, just double the amount of espresso and water accordingly. You can also play around with the flavor and strength by adjusting the ratio of espresso to hot water – less water results in a stronger flavor, and more water lightens it.
  • Add cream or sugar as you normally would to your coffee, and let yourself be taken away to the cobblestone alleyways of Florence.

In order to make an Americano at home, you do need an espresso machine. But if you don’t want to make that kind of investment, you can order one at any coffee shop. It’s my favorite way to treat myself when a regular drip coffee just won’t cut it.

Have you ever made an Americano? Share your tips in the comments below!

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