My Favorite Online Store Fashion Shops

Shopping Online Fashion, Online Store FashionIf you love shopping then you probably also love shopping online fashion.  I’m not going to lie, I used to really enjoy spending a day shopping in stores, trying on clothes and walking out with an arm full of shopping bags.  It made me feel like a million bucks.

However as I get older – 35 to be exact – my tolerance for spending time in crowds and waiting in lines has incredibly diminished.  I much prefer shopping online fashion as oppose to shopping in stores.

Now don’t get me wrong online store fashion is not by any means the same experience as going to the mall.  On one hand it’s better because you don’t need to deal with sales people and other customers, but on the other hand you don’t get the feel for the clothes you want to buy.  It’s definitely a trade off, but I have to tell you right now in my life I’m very busy and shopping online fashion just seems to fit better into my little world.

Here are three places I love shopping online fashion:

Just Fab

The different styles and bright colors rival the impeccable taste of Carrie Bradshaw…and then they hit you with the price.  Everything is only $39.95 or less.  HELLO new shoes.

Just beware this is a membership service but they have awesome shoes, boots and bags.  You don’t have to buy something every month, but you will have to skip the month or you’ll be charged.   The first purchase is always the best because it’s heavily discounted.  I got the Morata boots and the Dalton bag for under $70. Where else does that happen?

North Face

I just bought my new winter boots from North Face online.  As it’s the end of the season the selection was VERY limited in the store – but the prices are great.  This is my second pair of North Face boots and I knew I wanted to buy the same brand again.

If you can’t find what you want in-store shopping online fashion is the way to go.  I find the selection is much better.  The sizes at North Face are pretty spot on so no need to guess or go through the trouble of exchanging them by mail.


I have such a girl crush on Blogilates.  She’s fun, skinny and full of energy.  I just bought a pair of Beast Mode shorts and new yoga tights.  Sometimes the prices are expensive, but if you catch a sale – like the one she’s having right now – you can get bargain basement prices like hoodies for $15.

I don’t think that shopping online fashion will ever replace the brick and mortar model – I mean what would the world do with all that real estate?  However shopping at places like Amazon is nice because they give us access to products we can’t find locally.

I also don’t think the deep discounts of places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls could ever be replaced by online stores.  The feeling of finding your favorite perfume for under $20 or the perfect workout tights for $12 is truly a great feeling. What’s your favorite online store fashion shop?

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