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My favorite post workout routines

Run on the Beach

You know the best part of a workout? The end. I workout because I want to stay healthy and lose weight, but I wouldn’t say that it’s my favorite thing to do. I love how I feel after 40 minutes of yoga and I love walking outside for 60 minutes to work on my tan but I would much rather lay in bed watching Netflix. I am trying to change this mentality. I am trying to become one of those girls who can’t get through the day without working out. So what’s the secret? Have something to look forward to.

I am a huge fan of my daily routine. I am definitely more likely to stick with something if it fits into my daily routine. I try to work out every day when I get home from work before I eat dinner. So far it’s be going well but I admit some days I just want to come home after work and take a nap. I have to admit it’s a lot easier to be motivated to work out in the summer because the sun is still shinning when I get home.

These are my three favorite ways to celebrate finishing a workout:

Fill up with a Smoothie. I have recently started making smoothies. I know the health world is on the fence when it comes to smoothies. Some people think they are full of sugar from the fruit and some people think they are the healthiest option to replace a meal.   I start every smoothie with a GNC chocolate protein shake then I add in a banana and whatever type of berries are on sale that week such as blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. Then I add in some yogurt and ice and blend it up. It’s filling, refreshing and I absolutely love it.

Stretch it out. After a good workout I love a good stretch. I don’t like my body to feel tight because it’s painful the next morning so I spend a good 10 minutes stretching out every limb. Depending on how great I feel after my workout I might even stretch out my body with 20 minutes of yoga. This is a new routine for me but so far it helps me feel better after a workout. Yoga is also a huge stress reliever so it’s a win-win situation.

Relax in a hot bubble bath. My absolute favorite thing to do after a workout is hop into a hot bubble bath with a book or magazine and just vege out for 30 minutes. I get clean and the hot water relaxes all my hard worked muscles at the same time. I enjoy reading but I rarely find the time to read unless I’m on vacation. So taking a couple bubble baths each week lets me catch up on my reading. A nice warm bubble bath also relaxes my mind so I can calm down before going to bed. Sometimes my mind is so riled up with everything from my day that I can’t calm down to fall asleep. A bubble bath definitely helps.

What do you like to do after a workout?

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  • Oh, I should go back to jogging again! I really gained A LOT of weight since I stopped jogging and also I had a terrible moment controlling my diet. And speaking of smoothie, I just bought my smoothie maker last week and I tried some different recipes of smoothies.

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