Overwhelmed with it all


This past week we had a reality check in our house and it just kind of just put everything into perspective.  Sometimes we are so busy in our little bubbles that we just don’t know how to deal.  I don’t know about you but have spent many late nights crying myself to sleep because I just can’t see beyond the tornado of things to do, bills to pay and places to be.  Does that ever happen to you?

Everyone’s busy, we have to deal

I’m 33 years old and sometimes I think, this can’t be my life.  I work a lot, but that’s my choice.  I pay expensive rent, but that’s also my choice.  When I actually take the time to sit back and think about all the good things in my life I realize that things aren’t so bad all the time; I stop and think maybe I’m just going through a rough patch.   I usually don’t have time to stop and think but the events of this past week forced me to do just that.

My life isn’t always so hectic.  Sometimes we just go through a busy/bad period where it seems that nothing, and I mean nothing, goes right.  Those times are so hard it’s tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel and think of a place where everything goes back to normal.  How do you get through your rough patches?

Sometimes life happens…unexpectedly

On Tuesday night BF had a tooth ache and by Thursday morning he was having emergency dental surgery.  The dentist said he would feel discomfort over the next two days but he shouldn’t be in pain so he didn’t prescribe any medication.  When I got an email from BF saying that he couldn’t talk and asking me to call the dentist to see what kind of pills he could take for the pain I knew something was wrong.  In the 15 years I’ve been with BF I’ve never seen him take anything stronger than a multi vitamin.

I went to the dentist to get a prescription for  pain killers and then rushed home.  I found BF laying in a pool of his own sweat twitching from the pain.  I have never seen him like this and it was terrifying.  The doctor gave him Percocet for the pain and because he never takes medication we didn’t know what effect they would have on his body.

Make time for me time

I sat by the bed for three days as BF rolled in and out of consciousness and it was terrifying.  It’s truly amazing how caught up in our busy lives we  get but when you or a loved one is sick it all just seems so irrelevant.  I know that next week I’ll be playing catch up to finish everything I dropped this past week but I really had no choice.  I would never put work or anything else before BF and for those three days there was nowhere else that I would have been.

The truth is all the noise in life that makes us stressed and busy is just that…noise.  It’s sad that it takes someone getting sick for us to see that it really doesn’t matter.  This past week I learned to stop and enjoy life…even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day.

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  • I definitely agree that sometimes life happens…”unexpectedly”, never in my entire life that I will get hospitalized. I hate doctors and especially the hospital, I’m afraid of needles, but my entire life was changed, when they rushed me to the hospital during the first week of June because of a very high fever due to my kidney infection.

    • Oh my goodness Kate. That’s terrible. I’m glad you came out of it OK. Did it help overcome your fear or just amplify it? People always tell me I have to overcome my fear of heights but it only terrifies me more.

  • Making time for yourself is one of the most important things. I set aside time to do physical activities that give me me time and time with no one else. I am currently practicing BIkram Yoga and it allows me to de-stress.

    • That’s great Alexis. I find that yoga really helps me – especially before bed, it just puts me in a zen mode. I don’t set aside enough time for myself. I should commit to an hour every day to get out in the sunshine but there is always a part of me that thinks I should be working and making money. Is that totally weird?

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