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Reverse 52-Week Money Challenge

Help yourself begin to save money by committing to a challenge that will be fun and realistic. When we create reachable goals for ourselves, we have something to work towards. Saving is imperative and the Reverse 52-Week Money Challenge is a great place to begin.

In the regular 52-week challenge, there is an increasing amount each week of the year that you save in a designated place (usually a savings account). By the end of the year, you will have saved $1378.00, plus whatever interest has accumulated over 365 days.

Here is how this process works: on week one, you deposit $1. On week two, you deposit $2, on week three you deposit $3, and so on. Your largest savings will take place during the last weeks of the challenge; during week 52, you set aside the largest sum of $52. This is a fun challenge to tackle, and an easy way to save.

However, you may find it a better financial decision to do this challenge backwards. In the Reverse 52-Week Money Saving Challenge you start during week one with an initial savings of $52. On week two, you save $51, on week three you save $50, and it continues to decrease each week. This challenge can be easier to stick to, because your payments only get smaller and easier as the year goes on. The hard part happens in the beginning, when you are more fresh and devoted to the challenge.

When you begin saving, your lifestyle choices may have to slightly change; if you get the hard stuff completed at the beginning of the year, you won’t feel as pressured to keep up as the challenge continues.

Another positive quality of doing the challenge in reverse is that your first week of savings ($52) will probably be enough that you can go ahead and open a new savings account. This means that you can avoid altogether the awkward jar on the counter that you are sticking one dollar bills in. Every week you can continue to contribute your savings to the same account.


Remember, the challenge will only be successful if you stick to it. Invite a friend to do it with you for accountability! When you reach week 52 and see the total savings you have accumulated, you will be proud of what you have accomplished.

To inspire yourself, think of something that you would like the money to go towards. It may be to pay for a vacation or a new sofa. Hang an inspirational photo of whatever you are saving for beside the calendar on the fridge. This will aspire you to stick to the schedule!

Commit and save! Get started this week on your money saving journey, and before you know it there will be $1378.00 in your savings account. You can do it!

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