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Simple Ways to Achieve a More Sustainable Lifestyle

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Sustainable living is all the rage these days, and rightfully so. Now’s the time for humanity to do something to reverse the damaging effects of climate change before it’s too late. With that said, it can be hard to know where to begin. The following are five simple ways for everyday men and women to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle:

Wear clean makeup

Clean makeup brands are those that abide by cruelty-free production standards and lack harmful ingredients like parabens, paraffin, silicones, and synthetic fragrances. Not only are these products great for those with sensitive skin, but they’re also ideal for anyone wishing to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether it’s eye shadow, lipstick, or mascara, clean options are available. Best of all, these eco-friendly and ethically-sourced cosmetics will have you looking your best.

Use organic cleaners

Everyone loves a clean home. Unfortunately, most popular cleaning products contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to organic life. These chemicals can cause damage if leaked out into the environment. What’s more, the facilities producing these cleaners tend to be two steps away from becoming superfund sites. Those wishing to achieve greater sustainability are encouraged to use organic cleaning solutions and those made with less hazardous ingredients and less wasteful packaging. There are several brands to choose from, but individuals can also make their natural cleaning products at home.

Invest in clean energy

It’s never been easier or more affordable to add a solar panel array to your roof. The same goes for owning or leasing a fully-electric or hybrid vehicle. Those interested in sustainable energy solutions can also reach out to their local power company about participating in clean energy initiatives. These programs foster investment in alternative energy sources, making it easy for anyone to invest in a more sustainable future.

Eat locally-sourced foods

Buying your meat and produce from a local farmer’s market is more than a trendy thing to brag about on Facebook. It’s an essential aspect of living a more sustainable lifestyle. That’s because vast amounts of energy get wasted in the process of getting foods shipped from faraway places to your supermarket. Furthermore, more extensive agricultural and food processing operations tend to be more harmful to the environment. While you probably can’t find everything on your grocery list through local sources, even a 25% reduction in reliance on traditional food supply chains can have a significant impact.

Buy ethically-sourced clothing

Growing demand for affordable “throwaway” fashion has resulted in clothes becoming one of the least sustainable products available for purchase. Vast amounts of water are used in most textile manufacturing, which coupled with sweatshop conditions and a carefree approach to the local environment, spells out disaster from an ecological and ethical point-of-view. If you want to get serious about sustainability, start only buying clothes from sustainable suppliers. Another option is to offset the destruction by buying more used clothing since this drives down the demand for new clothes to be manufactured.

Finding ways to be more sustainable is on everyone’s minds these days. However, it can be difficult to feel like what you’re doing is actually making a difference. Given the impact over time, committing to the suggestions mentioned above will put you on the path to achieving a more sustainable lifestyle.

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