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Skinny girls don’t cry, do they?


Good morning Loves.  I’m happy to say I finally got over my cold, it took two weeks but I am finally feeling like my old healthy self.  Well I’m not sure if my pre-cold self was exactly healthy, but nevertheless I’m not feeling sick anymore.

Although my cold sucked big time I kind of feel it was a blessing in disguise.  Why?  Because it gave me the chance to take some much needed time off work and gave me the chance to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Don’t get me wrong I would much rather be healthy and at work than sick in bed at home but maybe the universe was giving me a sign to slow down.

The silver-lining of having a cold

Having a cold is both a gift and a curse because you feel like crap but at the same time the sickness cut my appetite and I lost three more pounds over the last couple of weeks.  I have to be happy about that.  Does it seem a little bit crazy to be happy about being sick, doesn’t it?

I want to lose weight because I think it’s going to make me happy and having a cold for the last two weeks helped advance that goal.  It also made me realize that I eat way more than I need to every day.  While I was sick I was eating an orange and a banana every day for breakfast and I was fine.  Mind you I was sleeping most of the time and I wasn’t burning off any calories but I wasn’t hungry.

Are all skinny girls happy?

I have to ask myself why do I want to lose weight so badly?  Part of me thinks it’s because I have never been skinny and I would like to see how the other half lives and another part of me thinks it’s because I think being skinny will make me a happier person.

Are all skinny people happy?  No probably not but at least they have one less thing to worry about than those of us who aren’t blessed with the gift of a perfect body.  It’s hard on the psyche to think everyone is staring at you every time you take a bite of food.  It’s hard emotionally to go shopping and not find something that fits and it’s really tough on one’s self esteem when you’re never the girl who gets the guy.  Those are all things skinny girls don’t have to worry about.

Weight loss is about how you feel

I’ve come to the conclusion that weight loss and being happy are directly linked, but they have nothing to  do with how much you actually weigh.  Weight loss is about how you feel.  Maybe I’m never going to be a size 2 but does that mean I’m never going to be happy? No.

As long as I feel good in my clothes and like looking in the mirror I don’t think it matters what the scale says.  Why am I so obsessed with a number when all that matters is my happiness.

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