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The One Thing That Will Help You Lose Weight


What can help you in losing weight?Here are a few things you could consider doing if you want to achieve that healthy lifestyle that you're wanting.

If you’re on a recent or lifelong quest to get healthy there are several changes you can make to help you lose weight.  However I’ve discovered that there is one thing you can do starting today to help you lose weight.

Eat smaller portions

I started consuming less food, it’s that easy.  Originally I just cut out my morning and afternoon snacks which gave me more energy.  Then I cut down my Starbucks visits to once a week instead of once a day.  This is helping save money but also cutting back on sugar and calories as well as snacks such as banana bread.  I really love banana bread.

It took me two weeks to adjust to the lower calorie intake but if I don’t think about eating then I don’t want to snack.  After that I just became obsessed with everything I ate.  I started ordering my daily breakfast sandwich on an English muffin instead of a home-style biscuit, I started ordering smaller menu items at lunch and I started putting my at home dinner on small plates.  Smaller plates mean smaller portions and I don’t go back for seconds.  I feel lighter and healthier.  I still eat the same foods, just in smaller portions and I avoid binge eating.

Of course eating properly is only a portion (pun intended) of adopting a healthy lifestyle.  However I’ve heard experts say that what you eat accounts for 80% of your weight loss.  The other 20% is about exercising, staying active and trying to be as stress free as possible.

Here are some other things you can do to help lose weight:

Get a good night’s sleep

Cassie from Blogilates says a healthy lifestyle includes a solid 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  If your body can’t rest then it can’t relax.  When your body is constantly going and always harboring stress it’s also harboring fat cells.

I know some of us don’t think there are enough hours in the day to get everything done and therefore we get up really early and go to be super late,  But that’s an unhealthy habit that could be prolonging our weight loss.

Exercise regularly

Lifting weights builds your muscle mass and keeps your bones healthy.  Getting your heart pumping with cardio keeps your heart healthy.  But exercising regularly also helps burn all of the extra calories you’re consuming.  Weight loss is very easy actually, it’s kind of like calculating your net worth.  When it comes to money Assets – Liabilities = Your Net Worth.  When it comes to your health Calorie Intake – Calories Burned = Your Weight Loss.

Keep in mind your body naturally burns calories with your normal daily activities such as walking and moving around, but exercising burns even more calories; more calories burned equals less fat stored and that equals weight loss.

Cut down sugar

Eating an excessive amount of sugar is never healthy because it leads to health risks such as diabetes and unbalanced sugar levels.  However did you know that sugar also causes you to gain weight?  That’s true.  Consumed sugar that is not burned off by exercising turns into fat and is stored by your body.  Sometimes our sweet tooth can be comforting, but it’s not always good for us.

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