Tips for Taking a Luxury Vacation on a Budget

Everyone deserves a chance to relax, unwind, and escape from real life on a luxurious vacation, however, not everyone believes that they can afford to do so. Traveling can be expensive, and when you consider the cost of transportation, lodging, and dining, might seem impossible to do when money is tight. With a little bit of research and advanced planning, treating yourself to a luxury vacation can be possible on a budget. 

Here are a few ways to treat yourself to a luxurious getaway without breaking the bank. 


Visit Your Destination During Its Off-Season 

One major way to save money is by visiting the destination of your choice during its off-season, or the time of the year when fewer tourists are traveling.

A great example of a destination with a cheaper and far less crowded off-season is Greece. Although Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, it is also known to be very pricey and is likely not a feasible destination for tourists on a budget during its peak season. From October to April, however, Greece is in its “slow season,” meaning fewer tourists and cheaper prices on everything, including transportation, lodging, and dining. Visiting a destination during its off-season is a great way to visit the location of your dreams while sticking to your budget.


Search for Airline Deals

No matter how inexpensive a destination might be, the most expensive and inaccessible part of planning a vacation is often flying to the location itself. Whether you are flying in luxury with Jettly or economy class, begin looking at flights at least several months in advance; often the sooner you book your flight, the more money you can save. Travelers can usually find deals on airfare that make it possible to treat yourself to a luxury flight experience while staying within your allotted budget, such as discounts on first-class tickets to some destinations.


Stay Outside of Busy Areas 

Looking for hotels outside of the busiest parts of town with the highest tourist population can be a great way to save on a stay in a luxury hotel. Luxury hotels in less popular neighborhoods or areas outside of a location’s more well-known tourism zone can be cheaper than lower quality hotels in the more busy areas of town where many tourists are staying. 


Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

Just because you are hoping to save money on vacation doesn’t mean you need to make sacrifices to cut costs every step of the way. While it is important to make and stick to a budget ahead of your trip to avoid going overboard in treating yourself, saving money in some areas can allow you to splurge or indulge in others. For example, if you are able to get a huge discount on flights that puts you significantly under budget, consider staying in a nicer, 5-star hotel. Or, if you are traveling off-season and cutting costs on the majority of your trip, and find yourself really wanting to splurge, consider chartering a private jet or car service from a company like Access Global.

Traveling is a necessary experience to help us learn more about ourselves and the world around us while taking the time to relax and get away from the stress of our everyday lives. Taking a luxury vacation can be an extra helpful way to help us indulge in things that make us happy, and can be done on a budget with a little extra planning.

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