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Weight Loss Step Three: Eat Healthier


There are several changes we can make in our daily habits if we want to lose weight.  We can control our portions, be more active and cut out sugar.  However there is also one more thing we can do if we want to get fit and lose weight…eat healthier.

It’s been said that food control, portions and choices account for 80% of our weight loss while exercise accounts for the other 20%.  That is not to put down or look over the importance of being active because there are other benefits such as maintaining a healthy heart and other organs.  However changing our food habits and eating healthier can have a major impact on the effectiveness of our weight loss.

Here are four ways you can make better food choices and live a healthier life:

Learn to cook

Eating out is unhealthy for several reasons: the portions are huge and way more than a human needs to eat, often the food is cooked or deep fried in oil and take-out meals can be full of rice, bread and other types of carbohydrates.  If you want to lose weight then stop eating out.

Cooking your meals at home helps control portion size, use fresh ingredients and find healthier substitutes.

Stop eating for convenience

Sleeping in, working more and being busy are all reasons why we tell ourselves it’s O.K. to eat on the go; but the truth is eating for convenience is extremely unhealthy.

It’s a lot easier to sleep in an extra 15 minutes and grab a muffin to go on the way to work, but think about what you’re giving up by eating that muffin to gain some extra sleep: calories, sugar, fat and carbohydrates.  Now ask yourself if eating on the go is really worth it.

Plan ahead of time

Take some time the night before to pack your lunch and prepare your breakfast as well as plan snacks for the next day. This will help you save time in the morning and avoid having to grab food on the go.

When you’re cleaning up after dinner throw some leftovers in a Tupperware container.  Voila!  Just like that you have your lunch for tomorrow.  Add in a granola bar, a piece of fruit and some veggies and your snacks for the next day are also ready to go.

Shop more often and buy fresh

Buying fresh ingredients and less frozen food is definitely a healthier food option. The less preservatives we eat the better.

Shopping weekly is a great way to save money because when you buy smaller quantities you have a less chance to waste food.  It also lets you buy and eat fresh fruits and vegetables which is always a healthy choice.

What’s your best tip for weight loss?

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