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What’s the Best Credit Card for Travel

With so many credit card for travel rewards on the market wouldn't it be nice if someone just handed you the perfect credit card?


With so many credit card for travel rewards on the market wouldn’t it be nice if someone just handed you the perfect credit card for your needs and you could be done with it?  That would be just fine with me, but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way.  If you want to find a good credit card for travel then you’re going to have to compare prices, find perks that you need and apply for a credit card with a company you trust.

With all that being said there are a few standard qualities that make good credit card travel rewards.  Among other things you want to make sure you’re protected overseas with insurance, you want to be a part of some type of rewards program and of course you want a credit card that will be accepted everywhere.

That may sound silly and you may be thinking, but TK all I want is a credit card in my wallet in case of an emergency while travelling.  That’s a good point, but if you love to travel like I do you need a travel rewards credit card.  Trust me if you have a medical emergency overseas or if the airline looses your luggage you will be happy you have that credit card in your wallet.

Here’s a checklist to help you find the best credit card for travel:

Medical insurance coverage

Have you ever had a medical emergency while travelling?  I have.  A few years ago during a family vacation in Spain I was stung by a bug.  Of course as foreigners my Dad and I had no idea what type of insect it was, if it was poisonous and how serious the sting would be.

Thanks to my credit card medical insurance coverage I was able to find a local doctor that spoke English and get treated within a hour – at no cost.  I didn’t see an invoice and ever heard from the doctor or my credit card company again.  To say I was happy to have a travel rewards credit card is an understatement.

24 hour customer service

There is nothing worse than being in a foreign country, having an emergency such as your credit card being stolen and not being able to contact anyone at your credit card company.  If you wake up in the middle of the night and your credit card isn’t in your wallet because you forgot it on the store counter during your afternoon shopping trip you want to make sure you can contact someone ASAP.

Choosing a credit card with 24/7 emergency customer service will be helpful in preventing fraud and getting a new credit card delivered to you within a couple of days – in some cases the next business day.  Knowing that all you have to do is make a phone call provides major peace of mind.

Earn rewards points with your favorite airline and hotel

There is absolutely no point in having a credit card with no rewards.  I don’t know why people do this, it just doesn’t make any sense.  Even if you don’t plan on using your credit card it’s nice to earn rewards on your purchases in case you do.  Choose a credit card that offers rewards with your favorite hotel chain or airline.

According to Bald Thoughts travellers should pick your favorite brands and only spend with them because it helps earn travel rewards that much faster.

“After you’ve selected the airline and hotel brands that suit the Where and How you like to travel, the key is to focus all of your travel spend with those brands.  When you’re searching for airfare or a hotel stay, it makes sense to pay a little extra to stay at your favorite brand vs. one that isn’t your favorite… even when the flight or hotel properties are very similar.  The reason is Loyalty!

By being more loyal to your favorite brands, you will earn more benefits and get closer to reaching higher status levels.  As you reach higher status levels, you will receive priority boarding and service with the airlines and better rooms and perks at hotels.”

What is your favorite credit card for travel?


  • Great point about the medical insurance that a credit card can provide! I’m glad you were able to get the attention you needed while traveling. There are few things scarier than getting hurt overseas and not knowing if you’re going to receive the same quality of care that would have received at home.

  • Hi Lee,

    I couldn’t agree more. I am willing to pay for medical insurance just for the peace of mind, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing bad happens. Thanks for reading.

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