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10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Bedroom


Over 33% of your life gets spent in your bedroom. It’s a haven for reading, relaxing, and recharging your mind and body.

A well-designed and styled bedroom creates a relaxing and cozy environment. Since its where you spend most of your time, it should be a place that exudes your personality and lifestyle.

So, what features help make a bedroom more stylish and comfortable? Read on for 10 must-have accessories that every bedroom needs.

1. Comfortable Touches

The best bedroom accessories should add comfort to your room. This follows the popular concept of hygge. It’s a Danish way of living a happier lifestyle, coming from the happiest population in the world.

Comfortable touches include filling your bedroom with throw blankets and plush decorative pillows. Scented candles and an essential oil diffuser will also boost the level of comfort in your room.

These bedroom accents should complement your comforter and bedding. They should be soft and cozy, like blankets from Custom Envy. These personalized blankets are ideal for cozying up on chiller nights.

Choose blankets and pillows that match the style of your room. This adds color, contrast, and texture to your space. Layering your bed will also make it look more inviting.

Anywhere from 4 to 6 pillows are best for bedroom aesthetic. Another idea is to drape a blanket across a big comfy reading chair. Don’t forget about a cozy pet bed for your four-legged friend as well.

When it comes to relaxation, the relaxing chair can make all the difference. Whether you’re lounging in front of the TV, enjoying a good book, or simply taking a break from a busy day, the perfect relaxing chair can provide comfort and stress relief. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to choose the most relaxing chair for your needs. We’ll cover everything from the best materials and features to the ergonomics of the chair and its suitability for the space you have available. With these tips, you’ll be sure to find the perfect chair for your relaxation needs.

2. An Area Rug

An area rug adds style, comfort, and warmth to your bedroom. It’s one of the top bedroom essentials, especially if you have hardwood floors.

A large rug also makes for a nicer experience when getting in and out of bed. It offers a plush surface, rather than a cold hardwood floor.

Placing the rug beneath the bed will anchor the space in your bedroom. The rug should extend past the bottom and sides of the bed for a design aesthetic.

8×10 is the most common size for bedroom rugs. This is to ensure it covers enough of the floor. 5×8 may also work in smaller sized rooms. An extra-large bedroom may call for a 9×12 sized rug to keep the room better balanced.

3. Stylish Seating

Separate seating space is important in the bedroom. It provides a place to sit, without having to resort to an already made bed.

Extra seating gives you a comfortable spot to read a book or work on your laptop. This can be as easy as placing a small desk with a chair in a corner of the room.

A cozy accent chair placed next to a sunny window will offer natural lighting. You can also create a reading nook, using a plush window seat. Be sure to add more pillows for extra comfort.

Other seating options include an ottoman or bench at the foot of the bed. This is ideal for putting on your shoes before you leave for the day.

4. Decorative Art and Accents

The best bedroom designs use aesthetic elements and decorative accents to add style. These items work to reflect one’s lifestyle and create personality in the room. They can also complement your bedroom’s color palette and design theme.

Adding framed art on the wall makes a bold design statement. You can also make a gallery wall of smaller artworks. Three pieces placed in a row above the bed creates a nice layout for artwork or photographs.

Placing framed pictures around the bedroom adds a great personal touch to the room. Wall decals work to add an artistic flair and tie into the design of your bedroom.

Knick-knacks, keepsakes, and other decorative objects should get used throughout the bedroom. Use these sparingly as not to make your space seem cluttered.

Books are another item that adds culture, contrast, and color to the bedroom. Place them on a bookshelf or use open shelving to display these items. They also look nice stacked on a nightstand, dresser, or desk.

5. Storage Baskets

Having extra storage options works to reduce clutter in the bedroom. Storage baskets offer a place to put random bedroom stuff for a neater appearance. This is an addition to your dresser and closet space.

Choose soft storage bins and baskets in nice patterns and materials. These can enhance storage while adding texture and color to the room.

You can put books and extra blankets inside these storage baskets. Use them to keep items off the floor and furniture surfaces.

Baskets and bins are also helpful for storing inside your closet. They work great for organizing shoes, purses, and smaller accessories.

It’s important to use a hamper for dirty laundry as well. Natural woven hampers are stylish enough to leave on display in the bedroom. These decluttering techniques reduce anxiety, improve mental clarity, and help you sleep better.

6. Task Lighting

Most bedrooms feature a ceiling light or recessed lighting. Yet, extra lighting fixtures add style and function to the room. They also conserve energy when you don’t want to use your overhead lighting, like at nighttime.

This could be a bedside lamp, desk lighting, or a chic floor lamp. This style of lighting is perfect for providing focused light or for when you need less light. This is ideal for reading, writing, or other tasks.

Be sure to follow the rule of symmetry for nightstand lighting. This means including the same lamp when you have nightstands on both sides of the bed. It will help balance the room and be more appealing to the eye.

It’s also helpful to go with a table lamp that offers different lighting modes and settings. These feature a lighting range from bright white to a warmer yellow and are more gentle for your eyes.

7. Greenery or Florals

Plants and florals are essential bedroom items for adding a natural pop of color. Display them in a decorative vase on your nightstand or dresser.

You can add hanging plants to create more depth to the room. Scattering around some small succulents will also do the trick.

Plants are a great addition to the bedroom because they work to boost air quality. They help to purify the space by removing toxins that can be harmful to your health.

The most popular bedroom plants include the snake plant, rubber plant, and pothos. Chinese evergreen and English ivy are other plants that are easier to grow indoors. Even a small purple lavender plant adds a charming and colorful touch to your bedroom space.

8. Window Treatments

Natural sunlight is lovely in your bedroom during the day. Yet, morning light can wake you up early during the weekends.

This makes proper window treatments an essential part of your bedroom’s design. They are not only functional but boost style in the bedroom.

You can choose from different styles and materials to enhance your room. This includes curtains, blinds, and shades. You can also go with a layering technique to add dimension to your windows.

Long flowing sheer curtains are dreamy and romantic. An elegant roman shade or plantation shutters are other popular options.

You also have tons of choices for hardware when it comes to hanging curtains. Curtain rods feature different finishes to add style. This includes matte black, white, or brass to add contrast to the bedroom.

Another tip is to hang curtains up higher on the wall. This will make the ceiling look taller and give an illusion of a larger space.

9. A Charging Station

This item boosts convenience in the bedroom. It’s so you always have a place to charge your phone at the end of the day. You won’t get stuck hunting around searching for a phone charger before bed.

Position the charger so you can reach it comfortably from your bed. It helps if you have a multi-use charger, with more than one charge port. This way you can also plug in your laptop, Kindle, and other electronics.

This does bring up the conversation of if technology should get allowed in the bedroom. 64% of people choose to have a TV in their bedroom. The rest of the population disagrees, believing it to be a distraction.

Some people believe a TV can damper one’s sex life. Others find it more relaxing to read before bed or catch up on conversation with their partner.

Yet, for most, it’s still ideal to keep your phone near your bed while you sleep. The phone acts as an alarm for many people or gets used for playing soft music at night. It’s also helpful to keep your phone nearby for getting an important call from a friend or in case of an emergency.

It’s best not to use your phone right before bedtime. The light from your screen can interfere with a good night’s sleep.

10. A Mirror

Mirrors make a statement in the bedroom. They can make the room seem larger and reflect more light through your bedroom space.

You can add decorative hanging mirrors to increase style. A full-length mirror also looks nice propped up against a bedroom wall. You’ll get much use out of it when trying on clothes or getting ready.

Making Your Bedroom a Haven of Style and Comfort

These tips will help you to design a bedroom that exudes style, comfort, and convenience. You’ll feel more relaxed, content, and get a better night’s rest in a well-designed bedroom. Be sure to always let your personality and lifestyle set the stage of your bedroom’s design.

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