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How to Sell Items Quickly on Craigslist

Selling items you no longer use is great for two reasons. One, it clears out your house! And two, it can be an easy way to earn some cash. Whether you are decluttering, or simply looking to sell one item, here is how to sell items quickly on Craigslist – or Facebook marketplace, OfferUp or any other similar platform.


Post With Pictures

First thing’s first – photos are essential when posting an item for sale on Craigslist.

Why? Well, people want to know what they are buying! Pictures speak a thousand words. Few people are willing to spend money on something without any photos, especially if it’s a bigger ticket item. Luckily, with smart phones, it’s never been easier to snap a photo and upload it onto your Craigslist listing.


Use High Quality Photos

It’s not enough to just take any old photo and put it into your listing. Make sure that they are clear, bright, and high-quality.

And no, you don’t need any high-end equipment in order to take decent pictures! Here are a few tips for taking better pictures, even if it’s just on your iPhone:

  • Take photos outside. The natural light helps brighten the photo.
  • Try using portrait mode. It’s a setting on most iPhones that will make the subject of hte photo more clear.
  • Take closeup photos of any imperfections. It’s always better to be honest upfront.


Be Responsive

With an honest description and good photos, you’re bound to get some responses quickly. Once you receive a response, don’t sit on it – communicate with the potential buyer right away.

When a potential buyer reaches out to you, they are excited about the potential find. Ideally, you want to respond to the when they are still excited. This is how you can nail a sale quickly!


Be Available

Once you have reached an agreement and are ready to meet up to sell the item, it’s vital to be available and flexible with your potential buyer. Nothing is worse than trying to meet up with a buyer who has very limited availability! Be as open and flexible as you can be.

If you’re having a hard time finding a time and place for both parties to meet up, think creatively. Could you have a spouse or partner meet up with someone instead? Could you meet the customer half way if the commute is an issue?

Don’t let a logistical issue prevent you from losing a sale. Be as flexible as you can be in order to keep your customer happy.


Sell Items on Craigslist with Bargaining

Lastly, be open to bargaining. Craigslist is notorious for negotiations and bargaining. Don’t be surprised if your potential customer tries to talk you down in price upon seeing the item. If you have a bottom line, make sure you add a few extra bucks to the list price in order to leave space for negotiating.

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