Turn a Shipping Container Into a Flower Garden!

If you love flowers and gardening, you may have thought about starting a flower garden. Gardening is an amazing hobby that can improve your health by spending time outdoors and exercising. If you’re interested in a unique garden form, consider transforming a used shipping container. This way, you can spread joy as well by giving flowers to your loved ones, knowing that 65% of Americans feel special when they receive flowers. Take a look below to get some actionable ideas on how to start a shipping container garden.

Find the Right Shipping Container

The first step is to find the right shipping container to use. This may be easy to do when you think about the fact that there are roughly 11 million shipping containers that are currently unused and that could be converted into something useful. Find the right container in terms of size so that you don’t find one that’s too small or too big for your yard. You can search online and ask people that you may have seen dealing with containers to refer you to a place where you can get one.

Choose the Right Flowers

Don’t forget to pick the right flowers to grow because different flowers will have varying needs in terms of care and the necessary requirements. To do this, think about flower varieties that don’t have many special needs and those that aren’t overly sensitive. Do some research so that you learn facts such as perennial flowers like mints, daisies, salvia, and coneflowers are great for bees. Some of them, like mums, are resistant to frost, and so they’re bound to continue flowering through late September and October. Once you know the right flowers, you can set up details like the right soil mix and more.

Make Plans for Ventilation

When you grow flowers in an area without ventilation, they’re going to accumulate humidity. With excessive humidity, you’ll get issues like mildew, mold, and wilted crops. That said, make sure that your container garden, if covered, has both passive vents, like louver vents, and active vents, like extractor fans.

This way, your container garden will get improved airflow and handle the issue of moisture buildup. Alternatively, you can add a turbine vent to the roof of the container if you’re not using it for anything else such as for holding solar panels. These are powered by the wind to pull humid air out of the container and therefore won’t cost you money in terms of energy.

Connect the Necessary Utilities

Finally, don’t forget to connect the necessary utilities to your container garden. These include clean water, which you can get by connecting the container to a plumbing system nearby. You also want to connect the container to an electrical grid. That way, you can set up temperature controls and lighting systems as well as any other electronic systems that may be used in growing plants.

These tips should give you a good idea of what you need to do to convert a shipping container into a flower garden. By doing so, you can live a more fulfilling life in a number of ways and also improve the surrounding environment. When your container garden is set up and you can see the flowers coming along well, keep learning along the process so that you can improve your garden over time and get even more out of it.

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