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Should You Move to Delaware?

Are you looking for a beautiful place to move your family? If so, consider Delaware for your new home. Delaware’s excellent location will provide you with miles of picturesque coastline to travel, and fantastic beaches to enjoy. If you prefer inland adventures, Delaware boasts 16 great state parks with 150 miles of tree-lined hiking trails.

Delaware Offers Affordable Living

When people recommend Delaware as an ideal destination, they frequently mention its lack of sales taxes. If you move to Delaware, you’ll live in one of the five U.S. states that charge no sales tax. It also offers its residents one of the nation’s lowest real estate tax rates. Senior citizens who live in Delaware pay no Federal taxes on their Social Security income, and they can deduct $12,500 of their pension and retirement income from their state taxes.

If your move includes buying a home, you’ll be happy to learn you could be eligible to claim a $2,000 credit on your Federal income tax. If you’re wondering about job prospects, Delaware’s households have a 10% higher median income than the national average. In Delaware, you’d have an affordable place to live while enjoying one of the lowest cost of living indexes in the U.S. Northeast.

Delaware Offers Safety and Health

No matter where you live in the U.S., there’s always a chance you will be faced with the prospect of encountering a reckless driver. Statistics show there are approximately 700,000 hit-and-run accidents each year in the U.S. However, according to Freibot Law, Delaware’s rate of hit-and-run accidents is relatively low.

When planning a move, you may wonder about crime statistics in the state you’re considering. Crime can occur anywhere you live, and almost 35% of burglars enter the home they’re robbing by using the front door. However, Delaware’s rate of property crime is less than 20%, according to Safewise dot com.

Delaware Offers Cultural Opportunities

When considering a move, Delaware is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy great cultural experiences. Delaware can offer its residents and visitors plenty of historic estate tours, museums, and art galleries. If you enjoy music, Delaware also offers first-class opera performances and annual jazz festivals.

One of the popular performance venues in Delaware is the Grand Opera House. Wilmington, Delaware, offers live musical performances at the Grand Opera House. This iconic theater has presented music from all genres on its stage for over 140 years. If you like Broadway theater, the Grand Opera House has partnered with the Playhouse on Rodney Square. At the Playhouse, touring Broadway performers come to wow Delaware’s citizens and visitors with their talent.

Delaware Offers Health and Education Opportunities

Delaware offers its residents a healthcare system that features nationally ranked practitioners. In every neighborhood, you’ll have ample access to wellness services. Delawareans enjoy health insurance options which currently rank in the top tier nationwide. Delaware’s hospitals are currently ranked first in the nation for hospital quality.

As for educational options, Delaware has 19 educational districts that offer excellent primary and secondary schools for your family. Delaware’s schools have won awards for their progressive approach to education. Delaware’s Choice Program allows parents to choose the ideal school for their child. Regardless of location, a parent can select a school according to the best setting and curriculum for their child’s learning style.

Delaware offers those who live there a full range of opportunities for the best life has to offer. Delaware offers abundant choices for living. Prospective residents can choose a coastal town like Bethany Beach, a suburb like Milton, or a metropolis like Wilmington. No matter which city you pick, you’ll find Delaware is your dream destination.

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