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13 Things That Were Normal 30 Years Ago, but Are Sadly Considered a Luxury Now

The things we took for granted just a couple of decades ago have quickly become the new luxuries of today. Here are 13 simple pleasures from back in the day that are now considered rare treats.

A House

The dream of easily affordable housing feels more like a mirage with each passing day. Gone are the times when spending only 30% of your income on rent was the rule of thumb. Now, with rents skyrocketing and low wages, finding a place to call home without breaking the bank has turned from a basic expectation into a rare luxury.

Owning the Software You Purchased

The digital age has rolled in with its subscription vibes, turning those once-and-done deals into never-ending commitments.  It’s a big move towards always paying your way in, reshaping how we vibe with tech and what it means to “own” software.

Legroom on Airplanes

Flying used to mean kicking back with room to stretch, no premium ticket needed. Back in the day, ample legroom came standard, not as a perk for those who could afford to get more room. This pinch is felt hardest on long flights, where a few extra inches can make or break your comfort levels.

Durability of Household Products

Remember the days when appliances were built to last a lifetime? Now, it’s all about cutting costs at the expense of durability, leading us into a never-ending cycle of replacing products and piling up waste. This shift hurts both our wallets and the planet, making long-lasting goods a cherished anomaly.

Unplugged Personal Time

In today’s world, where being online 24/7 is the expected norm, finding time to unplug is becoming a form of luxury. The blurring lines between work and personal life, thanks to our smartphones and constant internet access, have made those rare moments of disconnection all the more precious.

Items Not Requiring a Monthly Subscription

From tech gadgets to streaming services, the relentless push towards subscription models has turned the simplicity of outright ownership into a nostalgic concept. This trend highlights a significant shift in consumer habits, favoring recurring expenses over one-time purchases.

Family Vacation

Not so long ago, the family vacation was a cherished annual ritual, offering a break from the routine to explore and make memories together. Yet, as time marches on, this tradition is slipping out of reach for many, turning what was a regular part of family life into a hard-to-afford luxury.

The Luxury of Privacy

In our digital world, privacy is now a high-priced commodity. The extensive collection of personal data with every click and conversation marks a dramatic shift from a time when anonymity and privacy were taken for granted.

Single Income Households

The economic feasibility of sustaining a household on a single income has become increasingly rare, reflecting changes in the cost of living, wage growth, and societal expectations. This shift speaks volumes about economic pressures and the evolving nature of work and family life.

Complimentary Educational Resources

The days of freely accessible educational programs, like driver’s education in schools, are fading away, mirroring broader trends of educational challenges and cost barriers. This evolution highlights the growing hurdles in acquiring knowledge and skills outside traditional academic environments.

Reasonable Prices for Live Entertainment

Remember when seeing your favorite band live didn’t mean emptying your wallet? Those days are long gone. With ticket prices reaching the stratosphere, what used to be a regular joy is now a sparingly indulged luxury, underscoring shifts in the entertainment industry and consumer spending.

Guaranteed Retirement Plans

The transition from employer-funded pensions to the need for self-managed savings has drastically altered the retirement planning landscape. The once common assurance of a company-backed pension is now a rare find, reflecting deeper economic and labor market shifts.

Getting a Hand-Written Letter

There was a time when the act of sitting down, pen in hand, to spill thoughts onto paper was ordinary—a cherished way to keep in touch, share life’s updates, and pour out emotions. Today, stumbling upon a letter with ink-stained words is a rare treasure, a luxurious glimpse into a level of intimacy and dedication that quick emails and texts can’t mirror. 

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