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How To Update Your Home to Make it Modern in 2023

If you’ve decided to redecorate your home and want your home design to be as modern as possible, you may want to consider some current home decorating trends. Many homeowners today want designs that showcase unique ideas that reflect their preferences. Other homeowners prefer to prioritize the use of eco-friendly features. When making decisions about home updates, remember that it’s your home- and its design will be up to you.

Begin With an Overall Theme

Before you begin your home update, take some time to consider your choice for the home’s overall theme. One of the most popular trends in 2023 is minimalism. There’s something comforting about minimalist earth tones and simple, functional furniture. Personalizing your decor with a few color accents allows you to transform the minimalist theme into one that reflects your family’s preferences.

Make Your Home Welcoming

You can convey a sense of comfort in your home by using rounded shapes on the archways between rooms. Rounded shapes symbolize embrace, so creating an arched hallway or curved ceiling will allow you and your family to relax and feel comfortable. Having a comforting ambiance in your home can improve your family’s mental health. You can add other round elements, such as oblong window recesses, circular couch cushions, and rounded area rugs.

Design an Attractive Exterior

When someone walks by your home, you’ll want them to see an attractive but modern exterior. One popular and affordable choice is stucco siding. Stucco siding is versatile and allows your home’s exterior to withstand many types of weather damage. According to the Stucco Manufacturers, stucco siding exteriors were used on the exteriors of one-quarter of single-family homes in 2019.

Keep Your Home Safe

Asphalt shingles are popular for homeowners who want to save money and keep their homes safe. You can choose from numerous styles of these shingles. Asphalt also deflects the sun’s rays and reduces home cooling costs. According to Forbes Magazine, 80% of homes in the U.S. now have asphalt roofs.

Shine a Beautiful Light

Choosing a suitable lighting plan for your home can reinforce the overall theme. Your minimalist theme doesn’t mean your home’s lighting must be dimmed. A few small pendant lights in the kitchen and using some recessed lights in the bathroom will give you enough illumination to see clearly while fitting in with the earth tones of your decor.

Pick the Right Bathroom

When modernizing your home, you should update the bathroom. Home decor experts estimate that almost 13% of today’s homes feature a modern design theme. One popular choice is to combine white marble with burnished brass accents. White marble provides a background of serenity, while the brass accents offer just enough contrast to make your bathroom unique.

Envision Your Perfect Kitchen

Kitchens are where your meals are prepared, and they can also become a gathering place while eating meals. Marble or quartz countertops provide a feeling of solidity in the kitchen, as well as a smooth surface to use for food preparations. Adding some muted yellow curtains will pique your appetite while gathering for meals.

Maximize Space in the Living Room

Living rooms today are showing an increase in renovations to provide functionality. While living rooms are still used for the family to watch TV or play games, today’s living rooms also provide separate areas for workspaces. You can create a separate workplace by using partitions or creative furniture arrangements. With more people working from home, this trend is becoming more necessary.

When you want to modernize your home, there are many current trends. You might decide to remodel only one room or update your entire house. Whether you choose one of the above ideas or find another online, make a design plan and carry it out. Enjoy the home of your dreams with a modern home update.

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