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10 Things That Are No Longer Worth It Because They Cost Way Too Much

What was standard only a few short years ago seems like a luxury in today’s world. The prices are going up and up, and without even noticing, our wallets are empty, and so are our accounts. Instead of dwelling, which is part of everyday life at this point, let’s see which common items have to go because they are no longer worth their expanding prices. 

Coffee to go 

Seeing friends in a restaurant is an experience, but instead of getting a fancy cup of joe, a better option could be making the coffee at home and bringing it with you in a thermos. It seems trivial – 3 to 5 dollars every day for a cup of latte. But, it is all about perspective because you can save even thousands yearly. Most of us consume coffee because we cannot live without caffeine, so a homemade cup will have to do. 

Popular clothing brands 

Chanel 2.55 is an investment, but only a few fashion houses can stand the test of time. Buying clothes with logos was already not worth it, and with ever-changing trends, thrifting became a popular pastime. This led to a boost in prices in thrift stores, but there are still online places where you can find something that will suit you. 


Fast-food chains used to be cheap places for kids, but things have changed dramatically in the past 15 years. In 2009, you could get a burrito for less than a dollar. Now, the same one is nearly four. Some fast-food restaurants are so expensive that eating in a local restaurant is cheaper, and you will be met with fresh ingredients and new tastes. 

Streaming services

Most gave up on cable television because it got too expensive and had little to no value. Now, streaming services are doing the same and even adding ads unless you’re ready to pay even more. It used to be two streaming services with decent prices. Now, there are too many to count, and they are all overpriced while the content hasn’t improved. 

New phones 

Before running off to get the latest model of your favorite phone, ask yourself whether you need it. These days, it is all about Keeping Up With The Joneses, and phones are a dead giveaway that, apart from shrinking budgets, our shopping habits are out of control. And to make matters worse, the prices of phones have gone through the roof. Once upon a time, a good phone was around 200 dollars. Now, it is closer to 2000. Upgrading only when it is necessary seems to be a popular idea. 

Concert tickets 

Concerts are experiences, but if you don’t get a deal, you might be better with a YouTube playlist. There is a price, plus additional fees, merchandise, and logistics, so unless it is an artist you’ve been dying to see, wait for the next tour. It is surprising that artists aren’t more disturbed by the prices of concert tickets, though. 

Pricey jewelry 

If you want to make an investment, you have to do your research. Before buying jewelry for yourself or as a gift, check out local shops with handmade pieces. At least they will be unique, unlike lab-grown diamonds, which have low reselling value. 

Ordering in 

Once, ordering in came with a small fee. Today, everything goes through a service, and by the time you pay for it, plus the meal and give the tips, it is all too much. To make matters worse, tipping is out of control, so save ordering for special occasions. The upside might be that you will be forced to make your meals or walk to the desired restaurant. Either way, it will benefit your health in the long run. 


The once cheaper option with add-on fees makes certain hotels look like a more reasonable option. You don’t have to clean up your room in a hotel, and you might get pool access or a gym to make your stay more welcoming. Airbnb’s prices increased 36 percent between 2019 and 2023, and people demand answers. 


Buying a new car will drain your account and future earnings, and you cannot even blame the pandemic for it. Car prices have increased 60% over the last decade, and with rising interest rates, getting a new car is nothing but a dream. What about used ones? Sadly, the same can be said about the used cars market, but the good news is that the prices are expected to stabilize in 2024. 

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