The Most Attractive Zodiac Signs Ranked by Astrologers

Undoubtedly, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but some zodiac signs emanate unique energy that makes them stand out. Each sign comes with its share of good and bad traits, but when we’re talking about the ability to attract others, some have an unfair advantage. Here is the least of what most astrologers believe to be the least and the most attractive zodiac signs. 


Kate Moss, David Bowie, Diane Keaton, and many other celebrities have been fan favorites for decades. Capricorns are business savvy, endlessly charming, and have a mesmerizing sense of style. That makes them appealing, not raw seductiveness or nearly perfectly shaped faces or bodies. 


We know that Zendaya is a Virgo, so saying that the sign is the second least attractive is difficult. However, the multitalented star is an exception, not the rule. Generally, Virgos are mostly known for their polished look and impeccable style. They are also charming and goal-oriented, with a good sense of humor. Yet, other signs simply ooze more attractiveness, at least on the surface. 


Pisces have a youthful appearance at any age, and you need only look at Jon Bon Jovi or Daniel Craig. But Pisces are not everyone’s cup of tea because they can appear shy and mysterious and are often stuck in their own worlds of romance and art. Pisces, like Rihanna or Eva Longoria, are drop-dead gorgeous, yet we have more signs that cause others to blush even more efficiently. 


If you look at any famous Sagittarius, you will quickly learn they are passionate, independent, and energetic. Sagittarius are the kind of souls you want in your circle because they dare to be different and push limits while making you feel welcome. Miley Cyrus, Zoe Kravitz, and Brad Pitt are equally attractive as they appear friendly and loving. 


Bold, adventurous, and unpredictable, Aries can draw you in with their intelligence and warmth. Aries don’t need good looks to be attractive because they have that je ne sais quoi quality, and they don’t mind standing out. Lady Gaga, Elton John, Reese Witherspoon, and other famous Aries proved over and over again that they are more than their looks. 


Aquarians are considered to be the most progressive, future-oriented sign in the zodiac. They are full of ideas but not always comfortable in the spotlight. Most Aquarius want to change the world and stand up against society’s norms, making them irreplaceable. Oprah and Harry Styles are perfect examples of Aquarians because they use their fame to challenge the norms, which is particularly attractive. 


Geminis are born to be adored. They are always on the move, and it is great fun to be around them. They know how to seduce a room full of people. Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell, Johnny Depp, and Marilyn Monroe are all Geminis, and even at their worst, they have majestic powers to draw people. 


Leos were born to be in the spotlight, and that’s why they know how to effortlessly make an impression. However, Leo is also aware of the power of dressing up and complimenting others, and its charm can only be described as magical. Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Mick Jaeger, and Barack Obama are just some of the names that prove Leos were born to rule, and their attractiveness and lust for life have no boundaries. 


Cancers are sensual, sensitive, loyal, and incredibly attractive. They are also protective and in tune with other people’s needs, which makes you feel honored to be around them. But Cancers also enjoy cushy lifestyles and appreciate beauty, which only further makes them harder to resist. 


Venus rules Taurus, so it’s no surprise they are near the top of the most attractive zodiac sign list. Taureans are seductive and magnetic yet down to earth, adding to their irresistibility. George Clooney, Gigi Hadid, Gal Godot, and Cher perfectly represent Taureans thanks to their good looks, confidence, and ability to share the limelight. 


One word to describe Scorpio is strong. They have a strong presence, strong desirability, and animalistic magnetism. Ryan Reynolds, Drake, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Ryan Gosling, and Ciara are among the celebrities with an army of followers despite their brooding ways. Scorpios bring tension and allure that is unmatchable. 


Libras are the most attractive zodiac sign. Apart from their looks, they are great motivators and diplomats with an incredible sense of style. Despite being beautiful and knowing it, Libras wants you to feel part of the group, which only adds to their appeal. Some say that hypnotic eyes make Libras stand out, while others praise their charm and creativity. 

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