12 Things People Consider Unlikable, Even Though Everyone Seems To Love Them

Some things appear to be universally loved, but are they really? And if so, do you have to love them just because of the majority’s opinion? Obviously, your unpopular opinion could lead to disagreements, but there is something inspiring in not following the masses. Besides, we are all wired differently, making everyday conversations much more enjoyable. Here are some examples we stumbled upon while seeking the most famous unpopular opinions. 

Worshiping celebrities 

If you check out popular forums, many wonder why grown-ups are obsessed with celebrities. Many point out that some celebrities are horrible humans, while others are far removed from reality, and many are famous for being famous. This shouldn’t be an unpopular opinion, but as soon as people hear the name of their celebrity crush, everything goes up in flames. Do you think that celebrity worshiping culture is out of control? 


In the early days of social media, it was about connecting with people, and thanks to our poor-quality camera phones, pictures were anything but perfect. However, today’s social media looks so flawlessly curated that it has become comical. Instead of experiencing the moment, we get stuck in choosing the right angle, picking out the outfit of the day, or finding the most dangerous spots to get that selfie, and for what? So strangers can worship us? Yet, despite the apparent flaws in how we use social media, it became an escapism despite cyberbullying, the spread of misinformation, and the lack of live communication. 

Waiting in line over brunch 

If the line is long, the brunch must be fantastic, the amusement park is super entertaining, and clubbing is only worth it if you are forced to queue for hours. Yes, good things come to those who wait, but there is an abundance of places waiting to be discovered, so why are people only focused on the trendiest spots when they will be out in a month? Waiting is usually a waste of time, and life waits for no one.

Facetiming your friends with kids 

New parents are obsessed with their loved ones, which is adorable and admirable. That is until you are forced to watch their 5-month-old baby while face-timing your friend. Regardless of what you want to take off your chest, it is impossible if you have to “talk” to a baby and gush about their cuteness in a baby voice, and parents should know when to go from parent to friend mode. 

Grey tiles 

Grey tiles are everywhere, from your best friend’s home to the local McDonald’s. What started as a refreshing design trend aimed to simplify decades of maximalism turned welcoming spaces into cold corporate offices. Combined with white walls, more and more homes lack personality, but they always look Instagram-ready. 

Loud music in spaces for socializing 

From bars and pubs to even some restaurants, loud music and poor acoustics are the new norm. People who want loud music go to concerts or clubs, but bars are reserved for socializing. This may be why many people stare at their phones while sitting with friends and sipping overpriced drinks. 

Haul culture 

Leave overconsumption and the lack of consciousness about enjoyment aside. What’s up with fashion hauls other than showing off that you have more money than an average Joe? And it is not just fashion: we have unpacking books, new phones, electronic devices, etc. Most viewers feel inadequate because they cannot afford everything they’ve seen. Those not affected in a material sense are only becoming increasingly materialistic. Yet, hauls are among the most watched clips on all social media. 

Working out at dawn 

Morning workouts are great for your physical and mental health, but not at the cost of sleep deprivation. You can get the same results if you work out during the day, and despite confirmation that morning exercises are a great way to start a day, you should only get up at 4 am if you go to bed at 8 pm. 

Reveal parties

People thought baby showers were a stretch until reveal parties said, “Hold my beer.” Some criticize such events for being an unnecessary excuse for a party or for reinforcing ideas about gender, which are absolutely unnecessary while the baby is still in the womb. Should you feel disappointed if instead of “it’s a boy” it says “it’s a girl?” At least baby showers give moms to be primarily helpful presents. 

The age of (live) remakes 

Most people are annoyed with the lack of originality and the vast number of less-than-thrilling remakes. Live-action remakes are incredibly disappointing since they rely heavily on nostalgia, failing to bring fresh ideas and perspectives. Why not just give new generation premiers of well-known masterpieces instead of entirely CGI characters? 

Irksome hosts

Podcast or late-night hosts tend to laugh at everything and anything. Some spend ten minutes laughing at their own jokes, so it becomes uncomfortable to watch. On the other hand, some tend to send mixed signals, so despite their guests spreading misinformation, they tend to agree, only to tell you a different story with a different guest. 

Job as your identity 

Many feel pressure to use their job title as part of their identity, and this pressure is so widespread that people accept it as normal. Some social media users said plainly that most people would stop working full-time if given the chance and dedicate their time to their hobbies. You can love your job, but your personality should be based on your passions and beliefs. Yet hustle culture will try to convince you otherwise so you feel like you can always do more, make more profit, and make someone else wealthier. 

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