5 Reasons to Move to Florida This Winter

Equipped with endless golden beaches and an abundance of sunshine, Florida is an ideal location for those who dread the freezing winter months. Alongside its admirable weather, Florida also has a lot to offer in terms of its tourist attractions and beneficial legislation. As such, it is a remarkable location to travel to if you wish to learn more about the thriving nature of this commendable state. To explore this further, we will discuss the top five reasons to move to Florida this winter.

Supportive Rights for College Athletes

Sport is a fundamental aspect of Florida’s culture, making it the perfect state for budding athletes who are looking to monetize their hobby. In June 2020, Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, created a law that would allow college athletes to receive compensation every time they used their Name, Image, or Likeness (NIL). The law was officially passed in July 2021 and has since helped a variety of sporting professionals indulge in a selection of lucrative social media and advertising brand deals, without the risk of losing their rights as growing student-athletes.

Multiple Golf Courses

425 million rounds of golf are played by an average of 24 million Americans per year, making it an exceptional way to relax and unwind after a busy day. There are more than 1250 golf courses in Florida, giving guests the chance to refine their skills and indulge in a touch of healthy competition as they soak up the warming rays of the sun. Moreover, with so many courses to choose from, this is a great way to experience the sport as a newcomer. Therefore, travelers also have the chance to try something new whilst on holiday.

An Array of Fresh Seafood and Meat

Since Florida is home to a wealth of fresh produce including high levels of seafood, meat, and dairy products, it is an ideal place to travel to if you are eager to improve your diet and well-being. These foods are very rich in Vitamin B12, a key supplement, which according to Mayo Clinic, helps to improve your metabolism, which can help your body to digest fats and carbohydrates more efficiently. As such, visitors are free to take a leap out of their culinary comfort zones, whilst still remaining fit and well throughout their travels.

Range of Tourist Attractions to Discover

Though Florida may be best known for its famous theme parks, this state is also teeming with a plethora of other hidden gems. Regions such as St. Augustine and Key West are filled with looming forts and castles, encouraging guests to immerse themselves deeper in Florida’s rich and intriguing history. These types of attractions are also suitable for those who feel uncomfortable with roller coasters and would prefer to travel to a region that fosters a soothing sense of relaxation.

Reduced Risk of Bugs and Other Pests

Whether it’s the monumental alligators or the swift lizards, Florida is not short of diverse wildlife. Though they express a sense of natural beauty, many locals become frustrated with their overwhelming behavior. Luckily, these animals are far less active in the winter months, giving guests a break from frequent bug bites and other complaints. However, many avid birdwatchers travel to Florida in the winter to observe the majestic Snowbirds, giving guests the chance to view these outstanding creatures from a much more intimate perspective.

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