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Give Your Look a Refresh: 7 Makeover Tips for Springtime

Makeover Tips for Springtime

Makeover Tips for Springtime

Did you know that the average woman spends over $200 a month on beauty? Yikes! And while you can’t put a price on something that makes you feel like your best self, you have to wonder if there are ways to feel beautiful for less.

If you want to ditch the winter beauty rut, freshen up your look for spring – and not spend a fortune doing so – then read on. Give your look a refresh with these 7 makeover tips for springtime.

1. Get Your Glow On

One of the best beauty makeover ideas is to get going on that natural glow. Winter conditions can be harsh on one’s skin, leaving it in a dull and lackluster condition.

Fortunately, revealing fresh, bright, and dewy skin is not all that hard.

Here are a few ways you can give your skin a beauty makeover for spring:

  • Exfoliation: Exfoliation is key to removing the layers of dead skin cells left behind by winter. You can use household items, such as coffee grounds or sugar, or your favorite over-the-counter exfoliator. You can also try an instant beauty product such as a non-mechanical exfoliant.
  • Peels: Peels can be a great high-impact way to shed those dead skin cells and reveal new skin for spring. You can either get a professional peel done or try an at-home product. If you want a peel but are afraid of the harsh process, you can look at fruit acid peels.
  • Highlight: An affordable drugstore highlighter can give you that dewy and bright look, even if your skin is still recovering from a long winter.
  • Moisturize: Once you have shed those dead skin cells, treat your skin well by keeping it well moisturized.

2. Switch Up Your Lip Color

Want an easy and cheap way to freshen up your look for spring? Try a new lip color.

Once you find a shade that works with your skin tone, it can be easy to stick with it for years. But there are so many shades available nowadays – that finding some new lippy in your color palette won’t be too hard a chore.

Changing your lip color to go with the seasons is an easy, cheap, and effortless way to transform your look and keep things fresh. So, ditch your dark winter colors for something bright, punchy, and fun!

3. Be Bold With Bangs

One of the most instant makeovers you can do is to get bangs. Bangs will change the way you look overnight, and usually in a good way.

This is because bangs are one of the few cuts that suit almost all face shapes. And you can use them to strategically balance out your features. From blunt to shaggy, and from micro to wispy, or even the trendy curtain bangs, there is a style for everyone.

Before you take the plunge, be sure to research which type of bangs will suit your face shape.

If you want to be hair creative, but not take the chop, you can also try out new styling ideas. Such as sleek ponies, luscious side buns or a twisted halo. For tutorials on how to nail these styles, read more here.

4. Tend Those Ends

Nothing refreshes one’s look more than getting rid of tattered ends. Sleek and shiny ends make your hair – and you – look healthy and well-groomed. Winter weather can play a toll on hair, causing drying and splitting. But there is a lot that one can do to rectify this. The easiest way to rid yourself of damaged ends is to get a trim.

Once you get rid of the dead ends, you can keep your hair healthy and shiny by doing one of these at-home hair treatments.

5. Change Your Part

Changing your hair parting is one of the easiest (and cheapest!) things to incorporate into a makeover at home. You will instantly look different, and you can change your parting back anytime you want.

Middle parts are very on-trend but might be too far out of your comfort zone. If you’re a side-parter, you can achieve the same effect simply by switching the side where you part your hair. Or, you can make your part deeper or more towards the middle to create a totally different look!

6. Brush Those Brows

Eyebrows have a big effect on how one’s face looks. Which is why we need to brush them! Brushed eyebrows that are laying perfectly will instantly make you look polished and well put together. If you have not been brushing your brows, then try out this tip as part of your instant makeover. How’s that for easy makeover tips?!

7. Invest in a Few Key Clothing Items

Now that winter is over, you may want to refresh your spring and summer wardrobe. The good news is there is no need to run out and buy all new pieces! Instead, invest in a few basic pieces, such as a beautiful new dress, a pair of great-fitting shorts, and basic tank tops and linen button-downs. The warmer months are a great time to try out new trends, but avoid going overboard since trends come and go.

… and Now You Have Some of the Season’s Best Makeover Tips!

Contemplating an upgrade to one’s look can be pretty daunting. Even if you feel that it is needed. Fortunately, you can ditch the stress and get on with looking great.

Because now that you are armed with these 7 makeover tips, you can rock spring with style and confidence! All while striking a balance between saving and spending.

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