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4 Fitness Events to Attend in 2015


(That’s me at the Victoria’s Secret booth at SELF Workout in the Park)

If you want to take a vacation this year but don’t know where to go, I have a few suggestions.  I personally love planning my vacations around events that are happening in the city.  Sometimes it’s a conference, sometimes it’s a show and sometimes it’s a fitness activity.

If you want to get active and visit a new city at the same time here are five fitness events I’ll be attending this year:

SELF Workout in the Park

I discovered this event in SELF Magazine two years ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since.  I love being outside because there’s something really comforting about fresh air.  When I first heard about the event I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday than working out in Central Park.

For only $25 you get access to the event,  unlimited classes including dance workouts, Reebok Cross Fit and yoga from fitness experts at CRUNCH Gym, snacks and drinks all day, a swag bag and all the freebies you can stuff into it.  This event takes place in both Chicago and New York City.

The 5k Color Run

If you’re going to run a 5k why not make it fun!  What’s more fun than getting covered in bright colors by people you don’t know?  Nothing I can think of.  Just check out the photos and you’ll see what I mean.  Tickets start at only $35 per runner and it’s a really fun way to get your workout done that day.

You show up dressed in all white, run a 5k and finish covered in bright pink, yellow, blue and green neon colors.  You won’t be able to do much after the run except go home and shower – but still it’s a fun time!

The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers

Four years ago I was looking for volunteer activities during the summer time and I discovered this wonderful event.  Back then it was called The Weekend to End Breast Cancer and has since evolved to include all types of cancers that affect women.

I like volunteering for this two day event because walking for two days is not really my thing and camping out overnight is really really not my thing.  Of course both those activities are optional but I like to volunteer my time whenever I can.  This event takes place in Montreal and Toronto but there are several walks that support breast cancer across all of North America.

The Boston Half Marathon

I should say that any half marathon event is exciting.  It’s just that I live in Montreal and Boston is the closest major American city.  Oh and I LOVE the city of Boston. The people are fun and the city has a perfect mix of old town charm mixed with a modern day big city.

People train for half marathons for a long time.  Two of my colleagues have been training for about eight months for the Boston marathon (we have a corporate team) and come Saturday April 18 they’ll be ready.

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