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Good morning Loves.  Do you ever feel like you just need to take a break from it all?  From all the stress of being an adult, worrying about paying bills, stressing about that deadline at work and worrying about family woes.  Do you ever feel like you just want to step away from life and take a break?

Life can be a ball of stress

I’ve felt like this way for the last month or so and I can’t seem to shake it off (Yes that’s a Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey reference).  As you know two weeks ago I took a last minute trip to NYC hoping it would help me get rid of all my stress and although I had a great time I still came home feeling restless; less than when I left, but stressed nevertheless.

Trust me when I say I’m trying every trick in the book to try and wake up stress free.  Actually now that I think about it may be a good night’s sleep is exactly what I need.  You know that deep sleep where you don’t even know where you are when you wake up.  Yes, I could definitely use three days of deep deep sleep.

Unfortunately that’s a luxury I just don’t have, with my new job, additional responsibilities with one of my freelance clients and ongoing fights with my internet provider because of service interruptions  I just can’t catch my breath, let alone sleep through the night.

OK enough about my problems and back to my solutions.  As I said I’m trying everything under the sun to try and decompress.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

A full body massage: $125

Half a day at the spa can do a woman wonders!  I work online as a Social Media Consultant so any quiet place that doesn’t allow cell phones is my happy place.  For $125 you can usually get a one hour massage and if you use a deals websites such as Groupon you can probably get it for less.  I just booked an aromatherapy sauna treatment and a 60 minute massage for $69 on Groupon.

Spend a day with retail therapy: $100

I am not a big fan of impulse spending because it can be detrimental to your bank account – at least it is to mine.  However a day of shopping can do wonders for my psyche and emotional wellbeing.  Wouldn’t you agree?  They key is to go out with a budget in mind.  I usually let myself spend $100 which includes lunch.  I can live with spending $100 if it helps my mentally stability and especially if I get good deals.

A big bowl of ice cream: $5 – $8

There is just something really cathartic about ice cream.  It always makes me feel better.  If you want to splurge hit up Ben & Jerry’s and if you’re on a budget a chocolate sundae with nuts from McDonalds will do.

The good ol’ chocolate bar: $0.89

If you’re having a really bad day and just need a super quick fix never underestimate the power of chocolate.  Grab your favorite candy bar and don’t worry about the sugar, calories or carbs.  Just eat it and enjoy.

How do you decompress after a stressful day?

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