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5 places to go in NYC

ApolloGood morning Loves.  Well I’m back from NYC and as I mentioned on Monday I had a great time.  When you saw the title in this post I’m sure you were thinking “Haven’t I already read this?”  The answer is most likely YES.  But this time it’s all brand new, I swear.

PS – That’s me at the Apollo Theater, how cool is that?!

I love NYC and I try to go as often as I can.  This time I went to NYC to get away from the current stress ball that is my life and while in the city I explored a whole bunch of places I’ve never been as well as some old favorites.  I know I shared the best things to do in NYC last July, but trust me you’ll want to hit up these new great places I discovered next time you’re in the city that never sleeps.

Big Daddy Diner – Union Square

This is one of the those authentic all day breakfast diners.  It’s loud and crowded but the food is worth it.  They have everything from big burgers to stacks of French Toast and Waffles.  They also specialize in milkshakes.  I sat at the bar – because that’s the only place I could find a spot – and I saw a milkshake with real cotton candy in it.  Now that’s a great way to start your day!

The Apollo Theater – Harlem on 125th street

This was my first time going into Harlem and I have to tell you it’s a great neighborhood.  I originally went because BF wanted a Lebron James t-shirt and the Champs store in Harlem was the only store that had his size in stock.  So I hopped on the subway and went uptown. I spent the afternoon walking up and down 125th shopping at street vendors and I saw The Apollo Theater which was a big highlight of my day.

Eataly – corner of 5th Ave and 23rd

This is a big warehouse that’s been converted into a market place/restaurant.  You get every type of food from fish and cheese to pizza and pasta at different stations but you can do your weekly groceries at the same time.

Chipolte – every few blocks anywhere you go

I love Mexican food, it’s vegetarian friendly and it’s always fresh.  You can get a bowl, a burrito or tacos for under $10.  It’s fast food, but it’s fresh and they have really good guacamole.

Broadway – Times Square i.e. 42nd and 6th

The truth is Broadway theatres are all around Times Square in a five block radius or so.  There is something so New York about going to a Broadway show.  Now the tickets can be expensive so let me share a few tips.  There is the TKTS booth in Times Square and they sell last minute, same day tickets at half price.  However they only sell premium tickets so it can still be expensive.  I like to buy my tickets directly at the theater box office.  This time I saw On The Town for $49 and I sat in the first row balcony, total center. Great way to spend a Saturday night.

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